Hedgehogs - yes again

You'll be fed up with me posting about these little creatures. They have not hibernated! I had to fill the food containers up twice during the night, and they are empty this morning. The temperature here in the North West is hovering around 54F - 55F and feels very springlike. Having said that I think we had a years rainfall in three weeks, so most of my garden is under water at the moment.

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  • This silly mild weather is throwing everything out - I expect the daffodils to be in full bloom any time soon. The poor hedgehogs don't know what is happening and thank goodness you are looking after some. They are wonderful creatures.

    Hope you don't get more rain. Take care. xxx

  • You are right! I have just picked a delphinium which is almost ready to flower.

    Raining as I write....hey ho.

    You take care too:-)

  • you are right sassy I still got roses in full flower , don't really expect to be able to bring roses from the garden to put on the Christmas table ,

  • They're really hungry little critters.

    When I saw your title, I was happy.

    Thought you were putting another photo. Maybe? We've got great weather here too. 50-60 degrees. Wish it was like this all the time.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • One coming in a minute....yes - warm here but very very wet again........


  • Poor hedgehogs are confused with the mild weather, I saw daffodils today as well couldn't believe my eyes.

  • Did you really! Certainly the temperatures are weird for December, or so it seems this year. I've always understood that we do need a spell of really cold weather to kill off some bugs - it would be awful if we are losing our seasons.

  • Update.......fell asleep on a hard backed dining chair - woke up stiff as a board at 4.30 ...heh heh ...both pots empty apart from the mess they left. Hooray - they are still stoking up.

  • Hubby and I are going to the rescue centre tomorrow to pick up some tips and look at getting a hedgehog house

  • Brilliant! I'm always grateful for tips, so let me share yours?

    I'm sure you'll find it most interesting.

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