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Appointment at Manchester

Good morning

At last we have appointment for aspergillosis centre at Manchester Jan 7 - will travel up day before . It's outpatient appointment and asked if they will do other tests that day due to the distance we are travelling and said maybe bloods and X-ray . Hubby still surviving on very little sleep as am I due to the coughing and mucus production. Oh! How I remember my friend sleep.

Just hoping to keep him out of hospital over Xmas this year. Wishing you all a healthy Xmas break.

Marion x

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All the best. Hope you have the Christmas you wish for, a good night's sleep, and a productive trip to Manchester in January.

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Hope you have a good trip,do hope you get a good nights sleep before you go,

Happy Xmas to you too,let us know how the hospital goes xx

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Great that you have an appointment at last. Hopefully they will be able to suggest treatment and tips for handling the condition.



Glad you have a referral. I hope you get some answers and some sleep. Let us know how you get on.

Happy Xmas and peaceful new year


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