Air pollution

Be very careful today Thursday DUST is coming over from the Sahara to the south and other places, if your not well like me you'll need your nebulizer ,oxygen and any other MEDS ready. So u don't get caught out as hospital is a no go area at the moment, blimey what a state to get into when your care is at risk,stay in and put your feet up,have a happy day.x

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  • Just checked before I got to your post Lincs bad air so just going to hunker down. Good luck ♥♥

  • Thanks Colours. You take care and I will make sure Pete stays indoors today. Not seeming too bad on the South Coast but you never know. xxx

  • It was bad in the south I stayed in but still got it through the windows. Never trust it,the damp it's terrible in the south. I'll have to move somewhere else.

  • Generally better weather in the South though Colours.

    Merry Christmas Xxx

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