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i keep reading you have to check your weight regularly ,to ensure you are not losing to much, i have the opposite problem , i am a good stone and a half over weight , food wise i usually have an intake of about 1000 calories or less, i must ad mit i do not do the amount of exercise i should ,so what am i doing wrong?my inhalers are ventolin ,revlar and alcidium bromide (eklira genuair)

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yes that`s it l`m only 5 foot six i will have to grow to match my weight

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Hi Whit - My husband (who is really not overweight) recently lost half a stone and since then his breathing seems to be better so I would encourage you to keep trying! He did it by breaking his denture and couldnt chew! In reality his slice of toast at breakfast was out of the window and sandwiches and that was the main change to his diet. Try cutting out bread! Good luck TAD xxx


1000 calories is too low. The lowest anyone should be eating is 1100 and that's a guide for women. What happens when you fall too low calories-wise for a sustained period of time is that your body goes into starvation mode and essentially starts to hold on to its reserves. I eat around 1200 calories a day and have had a steady loss of about 1lb a week over the last 3 months. My maintenance calories (to stay the weight I am) are around 1850 so you are definitely on too low calories. What I would suggest is that you keep a record of everything you eat on a daily basis, ideally weighing it as it all adds up too and very often portions are larger than you think. Even the milk in your tea. Good luck though but I really would try a food diary and then if you are eating too little increasing your food intake.

Exercise is pretty irrelevant to weight loss, its about calories in and calories out - you need to find out what your maintenance calories are and then reduce these by a manageable amount (500 reduction per day would give you a weekly weightloss of around 1lb)

Good luck



I totally agree with Marie. No matter whether you are trying to lose weight or not you still need to eat 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and tea. Eating regularly will encourage your body to relax as it is getting nourishment. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, will result in your body knowing it's not getting enough regular food and holding on to the calories just in case of starvation.

What you eat is important too and knowing which foods put on weight. Eg cheese (apart from cottage cheese) is calorie laden and so is butter. Bread is too. You still need some fat though but make it healthy fat as opposed to unhealthy fat. x


Hi whit

Believe it or more...but the correct things.

Three meals a day.

Don't starve yourself your body will hang onto its fat supplies and you will never lose weight.

Velvet xx 🎅🎅


Good morning Whit

What a strange dilemma

Are you a secret eater? LOL I was just thinking back to that program on the TV with the same name.

I am a fan of stew and soup. I make a big pan of chunky veg add some pulses or beans and eat 5 or 6 portions a day. My reasoning is that it doesn't contain many calories has all my 5 a day and it tastes good. So I probably eat a lot but not consuming so many calories.

After watching many lifestyle programmes I think the general advice is to cut out sugar and highly refined foods.

I also have a healthy intake of nuts. Although they can be high in fat the fat mainly passed through the body as the nuts don't get completely dissolved in the system and pass though.

As you already know putting on weight needs to be addressed as soon as you notice to avoid other complications.

Wishing you lots of luck and success. Let us know how you get on.


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Well put MarieW-F. One thing that can happen is the body will eat it's self, but will go for the muscle as it has more protein and leave the fat alone. I was in ICU for 32 days fed intravenously and lost 3 stone but still had the belly! My shoulders and legs lost so much muscle I could not walk for nearly a month afterwards. I ended up with 3 compression fractures in my back because of lack of muscle support, some time later.

Be Well

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Hi Whit,

Have you checked on your medication instructions to see if any of them may make you gain weight. Up until ten years ago I was just about able to maintain my weight at about 7 stone sometimes it would drop lower but never go higher. As I gradually had to start taking some of the heavy duty medications my weight gradually started to climb I'm now 8.1/2 stone most of the time unless I have to go on the old Preds then I can gain 1/2 stone which comes off when I stop taking them.

About 6 years ago I became quite poorly but it was not anything to do with the lungs, it turned out that I was suffering from malnutrition but I was still 8.1/2 stone, so now I have raised my idea weight to 8.1/2 stone not 7 and don't try to diet. I just wish I could get to like the stuff called 'vegetables'. Yuk.



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