Hi !, Folks, I havn,t been on for quite a while so thought I would let you know that I am off to the Caribean on Sat. can,t quite believe it.... I leave here on Wed. To spend a couple of days with my Daughter in Edinburgh, however I found out tonight my Grandson has a really bad cold, can,t stop coughing ...

I don,t know what to do , if I get it I'm finished...

Anyway this is to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2016....😘 😊

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  • hope you have a great time on your holiday , such a shame your grandson has a cold before you go away something you defiantly don't want to catch , merry Christmas and healthy happy new year and look forward to hearing how your cruise went when you get back , take care

  • Oooo, you lucky devils!!! Don't get too close to your grandson, it's not worth chancing it. Some people on here, swear by that First Defence spray, to keep colds at bay so, it might be worth investing in some for the cruise.

    I'm sure you'll have a great time, I know several people who say cruises are the most fantastic way to holiday. Have fun. xx

  • Hi Baily, I would stay away from the germs if I was you! Also, if you are flying out to pick up the ship suck zinc lozenges ( Holland and Barret) and use First Defense on the plane and for the first few days on the ship so that you don't get the 'cruise cough'. I am off from Southampton for 7 weeks in the Caribbean and Central America in Jan and I will be doing just that and avoiding close contact with the virusy passengers for a few days.

    Have a wonderful time in the sunshine, it should do you lots of good.

  • Just off a Cruise Ship Monday Costa Diadema. Have to say loved it but weather in the Med. not great but like Spring to me. Enjoy just do not cuddle the Grandson kids are full of germs. Blow kisses much safer! Not been on a holiday for 18 months so I so so needed this one. Audrey Jersey.

  • Keep away from the coughing, even if it means not seeing your grandchild till you get back...just my advice.

    I have a friend who is also off to the Caribbean on a cruise on Sat, wonder if it's the same one?

    Whatever...Enjoy yourselves, make the most of the sun, will be thinking of you, (jealously)

    All the best.


  • This is very difficult it will be so hart breaking not seeing your grandchildren hope you have a good holiday.

  • Providing you have had your flu jab,,,and it is only a cold,,,then he can stay in his bedroom,,,,,give him childrens cold remedies,,,

  • Thanks everyone, I have been taking first defence.... swear by it.... so did give my Grandson a cuddle.. Bliss!! I now have butterflies in my tummy this is my first time on a Cruise and going on my own is quite a challenge....

    Will tell all on my return.

    Happy Christmmas and a Positive New Year.xx. 😗

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