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Copd stage 1

Hi I was diagnosed with copd 15 months ago, I recently had another spirometer test and although no real change they now say I have the lungs of an 88 year old (I'm 63) last year it was aged 82. I currently work 1 day a week. I have regular chest infections, for which I have a reserve prescription for antibiotics, and I have an inhalor to use. I cannot walk anywhere with hills, can no longer do simple things like vacuuming or heavy cleaning.Fortunately I have a very helpful and caring husband. Everything seems to be an effort plus I suffer from anxiety which is made worse by the copd. So my question is if I give up my job am I entitled to any disability benefits and my husband a carers allowance. Thank you in advance.

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Before you go doing that take to the help line on here plus you will more likely to get help tomorrow but as far as I know if you give up work they do not pay anything for about six weeks that is what I have heard but that was a long time ago or you can check it out on a govemont site and check work and sick


Hi Blossom I would think so. I am claiming under COPD and others! You need a note from your doctor for ESA. I would advise you to get help when filling in the DLA/Attendance Allowance forms. I phoned them and they completed mine over the phone and my mum had someone come to the house. If unsure phone the Citizens Advice Bureau. They may say no the first time but appeal. I hope this has helped and take care



Jaysha  why would she need ESA and DLA ? If you are unable to work just apply for DLA cos if you apply for ESA you will have to go for those Capability for work assessments with ATOS 

Regards Liz x


Hi Blossom21,

Welcome to the site, sorry I can't help with information about disability benefits and a carers allowance for your hubby as I am retired I understand I might be able to get a carers allowance on behalf of my husband but have really not had the energy or patience to sort it out yet.

Do you have a reliever inhaler (usually a blue colour) that you use when you have an attack and a preventer inhaler (my first one was a brown colour) which you use once or twice a day to help prevent the symptoms. A lot of us have anxiety/panic attacks because of our lung diseases and we have different ways of being able to slow down our breathing rate, mine is to breath in for a count of ten and then breath out for a count of ten at the beginning it sometimes seems to make now difference but slowly the counting does slow down until I get back to normal. It's a bit of a trial and I can get funny looks if I'm out for a meal or shopping but if those people staring at me had my lungs they would soon find out what it's like.

Like your hubby, mine has started doing some of the housework it's the bed making which nearly defeats him he can't change a duvet cover for toffee, while I flit (well maybe drag myself) around the house with my fluffy duster and bacterial wipes. Ironing has gone out of the window unless we are going out of the house, which to be honest as I hated ironing in the first place. I'm going to teach him basic cookery next as I have problems with peeling and holding pots (hehe).

You will find folk on here are a very carrying, if you need help or reassurance or just a good old moan, somebody will be around.



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Hi I think you will be lucky to get PIP/Attendance Allowance if you are only stage 1 unless you have other health conditions too, but try it by all means. Do get help filling the form in though from either CAB or disability helplines.

If you got them your husband could apply for carers allowance but it is income based, but even if he didn't quality for any money there would still be an underlying entitlement which might open up other benefits.

If you are in receipt of your state pension you would claim Attendance Allowance not PIP. They are virtually the same but there is no mobility component to AA. x


Look at the Govt. site - - sorry don't know how to do links. x


Hello BLOSSOM21 you are struggling with so many things,,,I would give up working,,,the strain of only one day a week is still taking it's toll,,,please forgive what I post your age might preclude you from certain benefits, but currently there is ESA,,,,,and PIP,,,,which you can claim for ,,this is not a means tested benefit, so you can have that whether you work or not,,,,it might be Attendance allowance your husband might be able to claim for helping you,,,care allowance is up to a certain age ,,and AA might be only when you get pip if you can claim that,,,there are ages attached to some of these benefits,,,especially new claims,,,,

Some of the other members are more clued up about benefits than i am,,,ttfn Karen.


Thanks for all the replies, claiming does seem daunting I must admit, I do receive my state pension. I have looked on the relevant sites but it all seems daunting where to start, currently fighting yet another chest infection which is affecting my breathing worse than before.


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