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Does anyone know that after having a nasty chest infection is it normal to produce loads of clear watery runny sputum for days on end. This is happening now and it is causing breathing problems again. I can't seem to cough it up and its like having a bad cold the only relief I get is for a short time after having a ventalin neb. If anyone has any ideas will be very grateful thanks.

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Hello 123098, it could be that your sinuses are clearing out of any block stuff,,,,if it was me, i would blow my nose often and have the mucus clearing mixture (benylin) and allow that to work,,maybe your doctor could give you something better,,,,,the neb will give short relief as you have found,,,,have you considered using room hot water and menthol or eucalyptus crystals in your rooms to keep encouraging the 'gung' to keep running out,,and don't be polite,,if it makes you cough, then try and cough it out,,like spitting out,,,,not nice, but you want it out,,,,

Go back to the gp, and see if they will give you some more antibiotics,,,to clear any new or remaining bad bits,,,,maybe take some cough up/spit out with you for gp to see,,,, maybe send away for testing,,,,,,all you are doing is what is needed,,it just has to go on for a while,,,,,another thought,,have you thought about vicks vapour rub??? it works as a chest rub and the vapors go up to your nose,,,or put it into hot water and use it as a steam inhalation to help clear the tubing,,,,,

Have you considered taking Vit C and zinc,,which both help with colds and such,,,, I hope you have plenty of puppy rolls!!!,,,,and be patient one day it will go away,,,,till then keep going,,,ttfn from Karen.

Yes when I get bad chest infection I all ways get lot s of after affect just like you

It will go after some time

I am the same at the moment after being put on a course of Doxycycline on 1st December at the hospital. I am still getting the normal stuff up but the clear stuff you describe does seem harder to move. I am starting each day steaming my face with a bowl of boiling water. I am sneezing a lot too which also helps. Apart from feeling like Iam chocking mine iisn't affecting breathing. Hope you improve soon. Joyce

I would get checked out by a doctor, if I were you.

Neti pot & saline rinse for relief, while you wait to see gp who may prescribe beconase - mild steroid nasal spray, (which is available otc). If it's clear ABs won't help, IMO.

well thankyou for all your ideas resorted to taking antihistamine last night that worked for quite a while but suppose i can go back the gp the only thing is at this time of year there is always someone who is coughing and not putting their hand over their mouth especially kids so i really try and avoid going to the docs thanks anyway it nice to know you are all there xxxxx

I agree with soul saver. I'm a huge fan of the Neti pot.

Whatever you do, I hope it clears up soon.


I also try and try to cough up the watery, thin mucus. I could hear it every time I breath in and out, the wheeze and kackel. It's like trying to cough up a filmy web. Even after being on antibiotics and steroids.

I finally started to back off using saline (salt) solution from 3 times a day to 1 or 2 times a day. And I also started taking an antihistamine twice a day to dry things up.

It's a lot easier to cough up a more 'formed' mucus than the filmy watery kind. If I feel like Im getting too congested, I back off the antihistamines and up the saline treatments.


O thankyou great description just like me feel if i could hang upside down it would poor out ! Just like you i can hear it every time i breath feel like i am drowning as the day goes on. The only thing that seems to help is the neb and that lasts about an hour or so. Sorry you have it as well lets hope it goes before xmas xxxxxx

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