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I am re-posting this subject because I am sure that lots of people on here will be interested to know what happens in the NHS.

Daily Mail dated 5th December 2015: Headline: " Betrayal of every patient"

NHS barred from making checks on the qualifications of EU doctors and nurses.

"Thousands of European doctors and nurses will be allowed to work in the UK without vital checks on their qualifications and safety. Under new EU rules they will be handed electronic passports which automatically enable them to practise in hospitals and GP surgeries. ..... The passports will be issued to European nurses, midwives and some other staff from January 1st and doctors in two years. It means UK regulators will have to give applicants licences to practice without first checking they have the necessary qualifications and have not lied on forms or been suspended.

There are already concerns about existing EU rules WHICH PREVENT THEM SPEAKING ENGLISH BECAUSE THIS COULD IMPEDE THEIR 'FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT' RIGHTS. Regulators can only request certificates stating EU workers have already passed English tests - whereas those applying from elsewhere in the world face rigorous exams.

Experts say the new passports - European Professional Cards- will jeopardise patient safety even further".

There is more on this article from the 5th December 2015.


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  • People who believe what they read in the Daily Mail tend to be rather uninformed.

  • Wasn't just the Daily Mail, it was also reported on radio 4.

  • Something of a statement to make about a huge swathe of the population!

  • Hi juney, Was this a one off experience or many?

    I have been attending Hospitals more times this year than I really care to remember, seen many foreign doctors, nurses and receptionists and have never had this problem.

    May be I have been lucky.

    I will keep alert and ask a few relevant people.


  • Suzy, it was a one off but quite shocked by it. Normally if staff have probs with English it can be solved. It was the fact that I was questioned about my truthfulness which angered me.

  • Hi June

    I have never encountered this, l find the members very helpful and well informed.

    I am sorry you feel otherwise.

    Velvet xx

  • Velvet, this is an excellent site and I agree that the members mostly are, without question, the most helpful and kind of people. There is always one who is different!

  • Hi juney

    My reply was to your original post , and your last sentance of your original post especially, ...before administration edited it out.

    My Original reply then had to have the first sentance removed as it didn't make sense after the editing.

    I am glad you now regard the site and its members quite rightly as a great bunch.

    There will be different opinions now and then, it wouldn't do for us all to be the same.

    And members do interpret reports differently from time to time,


  • Thanks for your reply velvet. I had a post from someone called "mrsmummy" telling me that my post had been edited and if I carried on I would be "restricted". When things are coming down to this level I really feel that I should not be here. Most of you are the most lovely, helpful and kind people that one could wish for and you have helped me a lot. Anyhow, enough moaning, I hope you have a good Christmas and a very merry New Year! Take care.

  • Hi juney

    Mrsmummy is one of the moderators or administration on this site.

    They aim to keep peace and harmony on the site, and to edit posts that may cause offence.

    You are not the only person on here to have your post edited....lots have, and let's face it if it stops rows breaking out, it has to be a good thing.

    Debate about various topics is a good thing, l think it's good to read other people's opinions and some have swayed me to think again....but it has to remain polite and non personal.

    Have a Happy Christmas


  • Hi

    The article is flawed on several counts, the EPC only serves to speed up the process,.

    From Jan 2016 it only applies to general nurses, pharmacists .

    The following article explains in more detail

    It is sometimes better to do your own research and clarify the contents of online newspapers.

    The Daily Mail is not the best at clarifying, ( scaremongering sells more papers than the truth ever will )

    I don't know more than you or anyone else we all contribute, like you have said believe or not to believe thats called choice.

  • You can believe the papers but only if you buy Mail and Guardian every day and read both, as each prints their own version of the truth slanted to fit their own agenda!

  • Is a disgrace UK can't but us patients can ... Can't count how many times I have shown MP's novelty everything you can buy from fake passport to fake prescriptions slips even down to fit notes ..

    Those who think it don't go on are truly deluded AND the only have to do google search USING term novelty first ... After all the not mad enough to use word FAKE when advertising.

    Is unfair just to blame EU as having a Empire is just as bad when it comes to fraud

  • Well the Mail online said different didn't it? Many people choose what they wish to believe I guess, the rest of us read it all and make our own hypothesis. x

  • Rupert Murdoch makes my skin crawl,so I would not assault my eyes reading any nonsense from any of his publications.D.

  • Absolutely agree Farmer, but to clarify in case of confusion The Daily Mail is not A Murdoch organ. I think it's owned by Richard Desmond, an equally dodgy character.

  • WS it's part owned by the editor, Paul Dacre. Not sure if RD has any involvement. He owns the Express & Daily Star, equally intellectual & unreliable "news" papers

  • Yes sorry,these people all meld into one.D.

  • Yes, they're all tossers aren't they?

  • You're quite right Hannah, and thanks. I knew Desmond owned one of the right wing rags, got the wrong one.

  • I fully understand where your coming from June I worked with these nurses only for a very short time to long for me.

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