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Appeal by phone

Hi this is my first post, I appealed against a 5% increase for my industrial disease as it did not in any way reflect my condition I am in the advanced stage. I appealed 7 months ago and it was going to be oral hearing but that was then cancelled because it can not be held in N/Ireland although part of UK so I was told it would have to be a paper hearing as I am to ill to travel to far but now had a phone call saying it will be a phone hearing in Feb does anybody know what happens with this. Thank you

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Last dealing i had with IIDB was in intergration court so why can't use them like uk did.

My experances was all bad with em i was awarded iidb 20% for back injury for life so i told them my condition had gotten worse and the famos atos doctors said i was well and swiped it of me.

Anyway is swings round abouts with IIDB robbers .. Iidb is means tested so unless your working still its not worth bothering with.

If your on brnerfits they just swipe it back from other benerfits you receive and you end up worse of.

Also IIDB is now part of a benerfit cap HOW that works YOU would have to ask robber IDS

Issue of hearing they will be judge and lay person and famos atos doctor.

Be quite strait forward

But i would phone or write and ask what doctor they are going to use what there specially is.


So sorry to read of your problems over there, it must be very scary and worrying.

I know nothing to help you with this & only encourage you to hang on in there (I see you've gone but perhaps you'll still pop in to read your replies).

It can't possibly be all doom and gloom. I have heard positive stories more than gloomy ones.

Wishing you all the luck in the world with it. P

ps. The helpline no is 03000030555 UK office hours. They have benefits advisors so may have knowledge of your Northern Ireland issues. X

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The BLF Helpline does cover Northern Ireland so as Peege says give them a call on Monday.


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