Good morning to everyone .i read all your posts every morning and you are an amazing bunch on here.the support you give to other sufferers is amazing.just an update after seeing nurse for a spirometry test .i did 2 tests each with 3 blows .the nurse told me I do not have COPD I am clear.i asked for a copy of results and yes all in normal range.i don't understand them much but was only interested on the results.i asked the nurse why has doctor told me I have COPD obviously she could not comment but did roll up her eyes ha ha which said it all really.i asked her about xrays she said I have no shadows but a bit of scarring and a few star shapes on bottom of lungs which shows a cell change..she said I was fine .i mentioned I am still coughing but not as bad and she said this dry cough is a very resistant bug .you could say that I have had it now 12 now I am confused .could it be another underlying problem and visit the doc.??and buy the way the Vick advice was good does help and so do garlic and vitamin all your info.has been a great help thank you and I wish you all a very happy healthier Xmas x

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  • Perhaps a call to the helpline might help or call the doc and ask him to clarify matters and a very happy Christmas to you and yours :-)

  • Yes think you might be right thanks

  • Hi Schnapps

    Glad that hear all your good news, but l do think a trip to see your GP is called for.

    You need clarification about your diagnosis from him versus your spirometry results from the nurse....and also what he thinks is going on with your cough and x ray.

    It's nice to hear that one of our newish members is getting so much from being part of this wonderful site.

    I wish you a Very Happy Christmas

    Velvet xx

  • Hello Shnapps, that was good news indeed,!! What I would'nt give to hear such positives. I think a lot of doctors are expecting more and more patients to come through their doors with copd as this generation of long term or ex smokers start getting older.

    Still if you are concerned then a visit to the doctor for a chat is a good idea.

    Think positive, drink a lot of good water for cell regeneration and keep your body moving! Think well Stay well , huff 💐 xxx

  • Hi one of my sisters (who hasn't got copd or any lung problems) suffered with a bad cough for years. She found by a system of elimination that she was intolerant to a couple of dairy products, icecream, and milk. Now her cough has completey gone unless she slips up then it comes back. Maybe that is your answer? x

  • Well that's good advice as I seem to cough now only when indoors .i was thinking on the same lines today .i think I will try and write down my worst times of coughing and work out what I have eaten or drunk that day etc etc .its not the bedding .but need to hoover mattress to eliminate that .the house does suffer with damp and mould but we manage to keep it at bay .its private rented .kept well ventilated and heated but not to hot .this issue has crossed my mind as why don't I cough when outside or in someone else's house .a mystery I need to get to the bottom off.thanks for that input and hope you are well x

  • Hi you are welcome. I know other triggers can be dust mites (but it is impossible to eliminate these entirely). Animals can also be triggers as can aerosol cans, home cleaners and traffic pollution. Good luck with them and I hope you find the cause. x

  • Well I know my husbands deodorant sets me off as does some other smelly bits and pieces .think I might be allergic to hubby so a trade in might be on the cards ha ha x I will report on my findings ASAP thanks again

  • Hello Schnapps 1, you are not alone with your confusing result this happened to me some time ago so I went back to my named GP and he said the nurse would be told my COPD was good on the day she tested. I am diagnosed by a top professor and have all classic symptoms including reduced lung function. I would agree see the GP for clarification. Your nurse may well be right doctors make mistakes they are human too. Best Wishes have a happy Christmas if I don't speak to you again before then :) :)

  • Hi there thanks when I go back to docs I will question this merry Xmas

  • Happy Christmas to you and healthy as possible new year. x

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