Wondering about if I have copd

I'm 49 years old x smoker around 6 months ago I noticed I was getting short of beeath dizzy spells and have a slight cough but gets horse doctor says I have asthma but meds don't really help they have also put me on spivira helps for a few hours but that's it I don't have phlegm or anything like that I gust have trouble breathing but haven't been diagnosed with copd is there any main ways I'd know I'm worried sick now ty for any info Graham x

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  • Hi Graham, welcome to the forum.

    Most of the members will be asleep at the moment so you probably won't get many replies till the morning.

    You say your GP says you have Asthma. Have you always had it or is it late onset?

    Were you diagnosed by taking a spirometry test?

    I would advise you to give the BLF a call in the morning & talk over your worries. They will be able to help you

    Or you could go back to your GP & ask for further tests & a full explanation of your symptoms & meds

    Hope you get the help you need 🌺

  • They have only just said I have asthma but I don't think the inhalers help me I've had a lot of worry lately people telling me it's stress etc but I don't think it is had the dry cough a while now only tests I have had is blowiing into a matching then had inhaler 20 mins tried again and blew abit better so said I have asthma when I blow into tube was 340 before I stopped smoking and used inhalers and spivira it's now at a push 490 but my breathing still feels shallow and tight chest ty for your advice

  • Hi Graham

    You need to have a spirometry test, that will determine if you have copd or not.


  • Is that the machine asthma nurse gets you to blow in I had one of those and was told asthma my daughters have asthma and it's not same as there's my docs are useless

  • Hi Graham

    yes, the spirometry test is blowing into a machine. Did the doctor tell you what the results were? i.e. my lung function FEV is 69%, so i have copd.

    I did not think asthma could be diagnosed via spirometry, but i could be wrong. Other members will no doubt correct me but if your dr. ordered a spirometry then he must have thought you had copd.


  • Good morning Graham66 and welcome to the site. I was diagnosed with asthma 15 months ago.. I do not bring up phlegm never have, I cough and have shortness if breath. If you phone the helpline during office hours you will find them very helpful. It took about 3 months before the doc found the correct meds to suit me. There is a asthma site as well so you might get more advice on that. I know its very tough but just be kind to yourself♥

  • Hi Graham

    I think that in some people it's more difficult to diagnose asthma with certainty. I have carried a diagnosis of possible asthma for the past couple of years but my resp consultant isn't convinced despite many sets of Lung Function Tests.so he gives me inhalers to cover both asthma and copd-type conditions. Both inhalers help a little but neither help enough to clarify diagnosis.

    Anxiety definitely makes chest tightness worse. Best of luck in getting to the bottom of things. Clare

  • Ty Claire

  • Insist on a full lung function test.

  • Ty will do

  • You should also get a CT scan and a chest X-ray as these are necessary, in addition to full lung function tests, in order to diagnose COPD. They will enable the consultant to identify if you have bronchitis or emphysema.

  • I've had X-ray doctor said all seems ok with X-ray

  • Do you have a pulmonary nurse at your doctors? If so go and see them if not go to your doctor it is better to get a check up and answers to your questions. Take care graham and i hope you feel better soon

  • Ty I'm going to call docs in morning I was told when c the nurse at doctors she's going to make appointment for me to c respitry at Milton Keynes hospital ty everyone for advice

  • Well still waiting to c respitry nurse told me I don't have Copd another nurse said I have asthma as blue pump helped me blow 490 out of 610 from 300 but most of the time I blow 350 out of 600 on the hand held tube thingy I know I feel worse lately I wake up as if someone's on my ches and hard to breath have a cough not bad but annoying over a year now and lately chesty and phelm coming up stopped smoking 8 months ago but I think I need more tests getting silly now

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