Strange noise when breathing?

I have not slept well for many years but my wife told me I am now making strange noises when I am asleep in bed.

She told me that I was breathing slowly and very deeply but at the end of each breath I made a noise "Like a thump on the floor" She thought our son's house rabbit was thumping in the night down stairs?

I know I am not feeling at all refreshed but I have put that down to my eldest son's problems? Any ideas it is a new one for me?

Be Well

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  • Hi Offcut I wonder if this could be Sleep Apnoea? There are a few in here who suffer from it and from what you have said it sounds like it could be. Maybe a visit to your doctor is in order? x

  • I have had a couple of tests for SA but at the time it did not show enough to justify action.

    Trouble is I will need the wife to explain it as I have not heard it myself?

  • Hi I know there are a number of people on here who have it and I am sure some of them will come in soon. x

  • Sounds like infection .. was reading could even be heart issues .. When I have been bad people have said my breathing as been bad noisy when I sleep.

    Mines more a poping farting whistling sound

    Would defo see your doc about it

  • I do have a number heart issues but they go all the way back to the 90's. The wife has woke me because she has put her hand on my back as I am breathing so shallow she thinks I have stopped breathing.

    This was deep breathing with a thump?

  • I would see doc .. but could be feeling anxious suffering anxiety given stuff you have going on BUT given ya conditions i would still see him

  • I was just about to reply but then I heard this awful " popping, farting,whistling sound " !!! You do make me laugh D3NIS. I hope you don't take offence, as apparently I sound like a pregnant old sow,who is giving birth to triplets !!!

  • Hi cheers .. Nor av not taken offence :)

  • I have had a bout of restless legs when in bed lately? I do get the gasping for breath but not on a regular basis which is why they cannot keep testing me.

    The only thing that is constant I wake on an 60-90 minute cycle though the night, 3 hours is a good nights sleep for me. Even with Zopeclone.

  • That's why you are so tired and unrefreshed as the deep sleep which we all need doesn't kick in til about 4 hours in. x

  • Never heard of that ,Offcut. Are you sleeping with your mouth open? Do you feel well rested when you wake up? I would definitely get it checked out.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I have not felt well rested for years. Most of my sleep problems go back to 2008 when I had a long stay in ICU.

  • That's a strange one offcut, probably worth getting checked out. x

  • I cannot tell them what is happening as I do not hear it when it happens. The wife now wakes to make sure I am breathing so her sleep is getting broken now as well!

  • Why not record the sound, and then you and your GP can listen to it. Take care x

  • Excellent idea! I think you summed it up well Dedalus.

    Then Offcut can hear it himself.

    Also the GP. Wouldn't mind hearing it myself!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Great idea.

  • You should have her record it so you can hear it and also can play it for the doctor. If you have a smart phone it should have the capability to record.

  • That sounds like a good plan it may not be so easy to do when the wife is half asleep ;)

  • That may depend on which half is asleep. :-)

  • Hi Offcut go and see your GP he can do a ECG on you it could be SA and you will feel unwell with SA because you are constantly waking up hope you get it sorted soon

  • If you have an iPhone you can get an app called sleep talk... Set it to record through the night as it is sound activated.

  • We have Android but it may have it on there? I will have a look.

  • I DL to mine and the wife's but they are both different? But do the same?

  • Do the same as in sound activated recording?

  • mine is timed recording not looked to deep into wife's

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