Truly Shocking STATE of our AMBULANCE service

Truly Shocking STATE of our AMBULANCE service

Like when was PUBlIC consulted about ARRIVA running #NWAmbulance services.

3am Friday Night early saturday morning MY aunt who's husband is dying of lung and now liver cancer sufferd a liver bleed out.

My aunt rang 999 for her husband who was screaming in agony AND had to cancel Ambulace at 5 am after various calls and NONE turned up.

Truly is disgrace how the can't send a ambulance out to a dying cancer patient in early hours of morning .

Now i know ARRIVA have been recurring in FINLAND & POLAND obv the drivers must of goten lost.

Is sad HOW calling and WAITING for a AMBULANCE can cost you your LIFE.

It might BE to late For my aunts husband BUT its not to late for US

Anyone one of US on Health Unlocked might need a ambulance .

Would be nice to know if we suffer heart attack or resporty failular we can count on our AMBULANCE SERVICE

Even a bus would been beter than nothing SO my advice is if you ever find your self waiting on a ambulance phone the POLICE to take you MIGHT just save your life.

As to HUNT & CAMERON the talk of our country being prepared for anything AND from where am Looking country is ILL-PREPARED

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  • D3NIS

    My deepest condolences to you and your family for your loss.

    The service your uncle received was unacceptable, and l hope the powers that be are looking into it.

    The article is about Arrivas transport contracts,.for transporting ..Non emergency patients, and fraud.

    I wholeheartedly support that this needs investigating.

    Our ambulance service like all our emergency services are stretched to the limits with vicious cutbacks, that put all our lives at risk, should we ever need their assistance.

    As the Mum and Mum in law to two serving police officers, l ask you NOT to call the Police if you need an ambulance...


  • Hi am afraid I would call the polce .. Mainly because there voice would be stronger than mine ...

    Also it's part of police REMIT if your at risk of harm or others might be at risk harm .

  • Police: Stop using us as ambulance drivers - Telegraph › ... › Health News

    22 Nov 2014 - Last summer, the East of England ambulance service was fined

  • This is nock on effects of all daft tory policy.

    Thats why everything is brocken MOST countries take into account nock on effects its called Social Planing living in CIVIL SOCIAL SOCIETY but they dont have to worry about how we live AS long as them and there intrests are meet.

  • Hi D3NIS

    Why are you shouting ?

    I will not discuss politics with you.

    People should call the appropriate emergency services.

    End of.

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Am not shouting am

    Highlighting txt points

    We are not talking about politics WE are talking about my right to phone police if ambulance dont turn up GIVEN we are living in civial society.

    Sorry if i give impression i was shouting like a say i was just highlighting points txt AND better then full stops :)

  • Sorry D3nis

    Messed up trying to put a link on.

    Police Remit is to go to people who are at a Risk of harming themselves...or. A Risk of. Harming others.

    If police officer are used as ambulances you are taking them away from front line Crime...rape, murder, burglary.. Assult the list goes on.... and now the threat of terrorism.

    A police officer has to face full inquiry if a person dies while in their custody...even if it's through illness and they are transporting people to hospital.

  • With out sounding calus WHY should i care I have not done this

    As long as am ok.

    If you not noticed we are not living in social civil sociarty.

    I always remmber my lung doc saying ITs always those thst shout loudest FAIR better than those that DONT

    Thats why we apost have govermeant for those that cant shout as loud

    As to police is remit if i was ill and had been santioned by DWP or FOR what ever reasion AS Ife is COMPLEX how would i get to the hospital if i could not phone the police and ambulance did not turn up.

    By causing harm to myself and to others trying to

    make my own way

  • I am whole heartedly with you on this one Denis.It is this government that has run down our health service and our police service to the extent they are not fit for purpose.It is political because it is Tory ideology to privatise everything.The Tories even want to use the Fire service to provide health care.We,re all in this together my a#se.D.

  • Hi FarmerD Nice to see ya .. defo agree with you there.

  • The ones who voted them in AGAIN after they took money off the NHS, POLICE, COUNCILS, SCHOOLS, etc. and said they would have to make MORE cuts BEFORE the LAST election are to blame as well as the MPs who allowed it, and yet STILL send millions to countries who DON'T need it. Give millions to EU ( they have never shown a statement of how the EU money is spent) and Neither have the countries we send millions to every Year. I think we need a Pensners/sick and disabled Party to put this country RIGHT.

  • 3/4 of EU budget go's on famer subsidies .. is inportant to point out NOT tenant famers those land ownerrs who own rent out Farms and dont pay tax on land investments or on EU Farmer Subsides they recive.

  • I do sympathise Daz as we should be able to call an Ambulance wherever we are in the country and have them turn up quickly because that is what an Emergency service is for. Unfortunately, the system is somewhat messed up at the moment and in dissaray so that needs to be put right as our Ambulance Service is brilliant on the whole.

    Calling the Police is not the answer because that is a different Emergency Service but I can understand the deep frustration when someone is so very desperate to get to a hospital and an Ambulance does not turn up.

    Red tape and silly rules tie up ambulances at hospitals when they need to be back on the road answering 999 calls. What is the solution? Get the Politicians to recognise that they are making a total mess of things along with the Government in general and the fat cats in the NHS and then we might just get somewhere.

    Take care all. xxx

  • Hi Sassy59 Cheers Defo agree about Politicians the good they do.

    THINK country could run its self better WITH none of em.

  • D3NIS - I feel for you & your family on your loss & your experience with the Ambulance Service. However not all experiences are the same - when my Husband had a massive Heart Attack in August the Paramedics were here very quickly & rushed him to CCU in Swansea after bringing him back from a Cardiac Arrest before they left. Sadly Mike passed away a few hours later but I can only praise our local Health Authority ( Hywl Dda in West Wales ) & have contacted them to tell them so - sadly the Ambulance Service get a lot of bad press, but we don't often hear about those who are exceptional. I also agree with velvet (as my daughter is also a Police Officer ) - it's not the answer to call them. As velvet says - they have enough to deal with as it is . After all, would you call the Ambulance Service if you were being burgled or attacked ?

  • Hi cheers am sorry to say i would call the police if ambulance never turned up.

    When i was having heart problems myself i waited 45 mins for a ambulance that never turned up,

    I would call em

    Not to be malicious but becouse as you can see nothing is changing or getting better.

  • Hi Helen, just to say I would agree with you on the subject of the ambulance service in West Wales. On separate occasions when my father had a stroke, my mother was hallucinating and I had all the symptoms of septic shock, the paramedics were amazing ....caring and efficient and patient.

  • Hi Denis

    When you mention Arriva you are referring to the PTS Patient Transport Service, which is separate from the emergency service.

    Is can be G4 S......Serco...... Arriva or NHS Ambulance Service.

    There role is to collect patient for hospital appointments, transfer between hospitals. Deliver patients back home. It also includes the use of private hire taxi.

    On my last discharge I was sent home in a taxi free off charge.

    999 call red1 and red 2 life threatening are meant to answered in 8/19 minutes

    green 1 to green 4 non life threatening 20/240 minutes

  • Hi stone cheers yer i know about arriva what the do and dont do.

    Ambulance service providers can and do have to comply with scandle enforced tendering of our public services

  • As we all know,we more than most rely on our Health service.I have nothing but praise for the Ambulance service,had to phone them twice 2 years ago.Guy on bike arrived in about 5minutes a few minutes later the big blue light bus.I can,t help it but I,m not a very nice person when I think I,m dying but to them it,s not a problem,they stay calm and help calm me.It,s lack of resources which means money.If the correct taxes were collected from large companies and wealthy people there would be enough to pay for the NHS.I wear a badge that says "if you don,t want to pay UK taxes I will drive you to the airport for nothing"And I mean it!D.

  • My sentiments to .. have nothing but respect for the men and women .. But those that run it and trying to privatise it IS other story.

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