Totally Feckin Awful!

There must have been a hell of a flash flood in our yard during the little shed is totally sodden for a third of the way up the walls...fabric, spare sewing machine, fancy paper etc. etc. all completely wrecked...the mats are dripping...wool stash drowned.

All the pots of herbs and flowers are at the far side of the garden...even a length of exceedingly heavy telegraph pole has been moved over a hundred was part of the now totally non-existent flower bed Himself built me...

At least it didn't come into the cottage but that's not the point really...can't help Himself to clear it all out either...

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  • Oh vashti, what can I say...except how sorry I am. This storm has been truely dreadful...I hope all your animals are ok, and thank goodness for Himself.

    Hopefully the fabric and wool will wash .

    I know it is easy to say , but look after yourself and keep calm.

  • How awful vashti. You can instruct Himself from afar though.... Are your soakaways ok? Might be blocked or something. Look after yourself and don't get wet or cold will you? Thank goodness it didn't come into the cottage. Take care. x

  • Oh no, how upsetting for you! It's hard to believe how much damage wind and water can do until you've seen it in action. And it can happen in such a short space of time. So frustrating for you not to be able to get involved in all the necessary clearing up too.

    Thank goodness it didn't affect your cottage. Stay warm and dry and look after yourself. Jan

  • Oh Vasti, so sorry :(



  • The power of water is unbelievable, and it leaves such devastation, I hope you manage to salvage all your crafty bits and that the shed will be ok once dried out. it beggars belief to what happened,lets hope your neighbours have some answers for you.

  • What a shame Vashti and so sorry to hear of your flooding and damage. Cumbria is really bad too apparently and I do so feel for anyone who has flooding to their property.

    Hope all gets sorted out soon. Take care. xxx

  • Oh Vashti that is awful, I can only sympathise can't imagine how it feels.

    Tell Himself to take it easy, rushing won't help.

    take care

    polly xx

  • sorry to hear that , I just been looking at the pics on here of the floods in Cumbria ,

  • What a shock to wake up to that,Vashti. It will take time to get it all sorted, Hope nothing too valuable is ruined, I know its all precious to you. Thank goodness the cottage is Ok. Must have been fierce to move the telegraph pole, did you hear it? iris x

  • Oh dear Vashti, how horrible. Don't wear yourself out trying to help himself tidy it up and make sure he doesn't do himself any harm trying to fix it quickly. It can wait. I'm just very relieved it didn't get into the cottage. xx

  • That's awful Vashti ? Are you by any chance covered by your house insurance ? I hope so. But apart from getting some recompense, it's so upsetting to have to deal with the loss of your precious things, all the mess etc. Our house was flooded in 2012, so I know what you are going through.

  • How awful Vashti, a catastrophe in fact. I would recommend asking Himself to retrieve your sewing machine and any other expensive electrical things, to see if they can be saved or repaired. Then save any other precious things. It may be possible to save some of the material If you bring it in to dry.

    There isn't much point doing much else, beyond securing the shed. The hurricane may come back as yet. Best to stay in the warm together, as much as possible, with the kittens and dogs don't you think? The most important thing is, you and Himself and the animals, survived a dangerous situation.

  • Oh vashti so sorry to hear that. I hope you'll be able to salvage some of your lovely craft work materials - also hope your donkeys are safe. Good that your cottage is still nice and dry, I presume Molly, Murphy and your dog (sorry I can't remember his name) are all alright. Don't let Himself do too much, you need to take care of each other.

  • Hi Vashti again....I hope you are ok now.....I just googled Storm Desmond and its effects in Ireland ... Terrible.

  • Oh dear Vashti, how awful for you. I hope you manage to salvage as much as possible. Xx

  • So sorry to hear your news I know how precious our craft items are ♥

  • So sorry for you at this time hope some salvage is possible and you are able to return to your craft work soon.

  • Heartbreaking for you Vashti, so very upsetting to see everything ruined. Also very frustrating when you can't get stuck in and help clear up.Do hope you will have a few able bodies to help you. Regards, Bulpit.

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