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For you asthmatics, or anyone who is interested!

I have a blog about my life with Atopy (asthma, allergies, eczema) which I set up for fun but also for communicating with friends and family if I'm in hospital or otherwise ill. The link is below, and under the link is a bit about my blog (I'm so sorry, I try to be concise, I just can't seem to manage it!)


I had an old blog which had some weekly features which I have carried over to this one, including:

- Tuesday Newsday (a news story from the week about asthma, eczema, or allergies, or related to them)

- One of those Lives (a perspective post, a 'things could be worse' post)

- Sunny Sundays (usually a funny/light-hearted/uplifting collection of a news story or anecdote, a film or video or song, and a joke or a drawing)

Alongside the features, I sometimes dig up old posts from my old blogs ('Archive' posts), or post the occasional rant (I try to keep these short!). I have a section for each component of Atopy in which I detail what the condition means, what it means for me, and what I take/use for it. I also have a post called 'Resource Time!' which I am working on, which will compile together videos, films, TV episodes, websites, artists, blogs, information etc. about asthma, allergies, and eczema, all subtitled and set out visually.

A few examples of posts currently in the workings are:

- What Asthma Isn't (a contributory post of misconceptions about asthma which I and others want to debunk);

- Tips and Tricks for the Hospital;

- a breakdown of asthma 'attacks' by severity (features of these severity classes, how each one might be treated) and what you should expect at each level from HCPs etc.;

- You Know You're an Asthmatic When… (humour contributory list, example: you know you're an asthmatic use your inhalers as pretend guns/you use your spacer as a pitch pipe/you measure how good your day was based on your peak flow etc.), and

- What People with Asthma (or Eczema or Allergies) Wish You Knew.

I will also have the usual things on there, such as a post on how to know when it is right to go to A&E over your GP or UCC, or when to call an ambulance rather than make the trip to A&E, and how to tell the difference between colds, flu, pneumonia etc..

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Thank you.


like your blog!


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