In reply to the person who asked if anybody had got rid of pseudomonas....I had it...twice. It nearly killed me or put me in a wheelchair after a spinal fusion op on my back went wrong....That was in 06-7...but I'm walking on all twos! First antibiotic via Hickman line for 12 weeks didn't work....second one, 1500 Ciprofloxacin, for nine months orally, apparently did.

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  • I've had it twice as well: first time in 2002/2003 and just recently in September 2015. The first time it went away after about a year on nebulised Colomycin. This time I took Colomycin plus oral Cipro for one month and at the end of that month, two sputum tests were negative for Colomycin. But as I became seriously ill around that time with another infection plus ( probably the Pseudo as well) I really can't say I'm a very good advertisement for the cure.

    In hospital now with extensive area of severe infection, so yes that pseudo can be hard to eradicate.

  • Hi JRA you did have a bad dose of Psuedo ...My consultant is reluctant to give me too much Cipro. My usual course is 750 x 2 daily for 14 days , if it doesn't clear I have to have IV abs. I cannot have another course of oral Cipro until at least 1 month between courses, as he says that too much Cipro is not good for anyone to take. Where were you in hospital? I wonder if different areas have different rulings on it.

  • Sohara, I worry about taking two much Cipro as well but when push comes to shove, my medical team just dish it out as needed. In Early September, I had two weeks Cipro +doxy for an exacerbation, then four week's Cipro +Colo for the whole month of October, then started on 750 x2 this last week. It seems to me that it's being relied in more and more for infection control and I sometimes wonder if the other antibiotics are underused. Hopefully the nebbed/inhaled Cipro will come on stream for us while we can still avail of it. I hope your doctor finds a suitable alternative for you.

  • I missed getting onto the last 3rd stage of the Pulmoquin ( inhaled cipro) trial..but I read it was successful, so fingers crossed it wont be too long

    My sputum samples only say that my Pseudo can be cured by Cipro or pip/gaz ( IV) if the Cipro doesn't work.

    The inhaled Cipro is already being used by CF Bronchs...I suppose the one for Non CF Bronchs must be slightly different, or trial would not be needed I should think

    You and I are lucky Billie Jean as we are able to tolerate Cipro I have met loads of bronchs that cannot take it, because of tendon problems or other side effects.

    So night night sister :) :) my thoughts and good wishes are with you

  • And mine are with you Sohara. I didn't realise that you were battling with pseudo as well. Yes, we are lucky we can tolerate Cipro although I suppose as we get older that could change. But fingers crossed for now.

  • I was told i had it 2 years ago and have had a few different antibiotics that havnt worked ........from what ive been told most people dont get rid of it long term

  • Pseudomonas is a nasty drug-resistant bug which colonises the lungs, especially compromised lungs (which I suspect that here, we all have!). It can be treated by only three antibiotics. If it's not bumped off by lots of meds the first time round, it'll keep returning, unfortunately. I picked it up in January -- and I'm waiting for the next attack :(

  • Blimey you had it bad! Pleased to see you battled your way through!

  • Hello, one question please! 

    How easy is for a person being treated for pseudomonas to transmit it to someone recently diagnosed with hiv? 

    Is this possible? 

    The two persons never came in direct contact they only touched and hugged the same pet. Thank you.

  • I'm not entirely sure, but if this person has pseudomonas as a lung infection, I think they're normally only a threat to another person with compromised lungs, eg a cystic fibrosis patient. This is why people with it are usually nursed in isolation on respiratory wards. It can infect open wounds too, but if doesn't sound as though there was much risk of either in the scenario you describe.

  • Thank you for your reply. All i know is that he caught pseudomonas at the hospital by walking without slippers - he had a foot amputation and apparently got it through the wound. He is still treated with antibiotics but looks normal (a bit tired) but he goes to his job.

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