Hi everyone thank you all for your replys, I really appreciate it I went to the hospital yesterday and good news it is not a sinister diagnosis so it is acid not helping my voice problem after tonsillitis and laryngitis my voice box is probably a bit inflamed and the acid is causing it to dry out and I've been given medication and speach therapy to help. .tiredness i now think probably because I was ill for so long and the pain I get in my neck well I haven't got a clue .

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Well that's some good news at last. Am thinking of you. x

You are so kind and thoughtful and always have encouragingredients words for all love reading your posts x

Aw bless ya. :) x

Hi Mazinuk, I'm sure that will be a relief to you to know it's nothing too bad.

The meds are sure to help as will the speech therapy. You'll be back to normal very soon.

You'll find you get less tired as you feel better. I'm sure your sore neck is caused by tension on the muscles because your throat's been so sore.

Get better soon 🌹

good news hope every thing works out well now with the medication

Good to hear, take care xxx

Good news ! Hope you feel better soon.

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