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Lady Windermere syndrome

Hi everyone I wonder if you could help me. I have bronchiectasis and was diagnosed about 20 years ago. I have recently been feeling unwell and taken another dose of antibiotics. Trawling the internet I found this condition called lady Windermere syndrome and think I may have it. My posture since a young girl has been terrible. I'm always being told to stop slouching st and up straight. And now I'm being tested for some mycobacteria that seems to be associated with this syndrome. Has anybody got experience or knowledge of it?

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I think you are referring to microbacterium avium complex (MAC) - this is a bacterial infection. The bacteria is very common in the environment and when someone picks up the bacteria they develop a persistent cough which is treated with a long course of antibiotics.

MAC infections are associated with bronchiectasis.

I would suggest you call the BLF Helpline - 03000 030 555 - and arrange to speak to one of the nurses who can explain the treatment etc much better than I can.



Thanks for that Mark. It is very helpful and informative. We bronchs are used to dealing with our usual enemies, HI and pseudomonas and now other wide balls are being aimed at us. It is always empowering to be informed.

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Thank you Mark. I am seeing a doctor at the hospital tomorrow and will mention it to her.



I have bronchiectasls, MAC and Lady Windermere syndrome. I have been on antibiotics for three and a half years but have just stopped taking them as the side effects were getting worse. I am seeing my specialist next week and am happy to keep in touch.


Hi helenamay

I saw the doctor at the hospital on Friday but didn't mention lady Windermere syndrome as I think I was in shock when she told me i have a collapsed lung etc. I would be very interested to hear what your doctor says. Thank you


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