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Free eclipse 3 ambulatory oxygen

This was given to me a couple of months ago, I gave just been told that I don't need oxygen anymore so would like to pass this on to anyone who would be able to use it. Has trolley and all info booklets with it my email is I live in Hartlepool. You would have to arrange collection yourself though :)

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What a jolly decent person you are June to be offering this to someone in need. Plus what good news you've had that you don't need your oxygen anymore. Well done you. I'm on oxygen myself and I've seen some equipment on EBay etc for sale, and it's not cheap, which is why I think you are doing a very kind gesture.


Hello, it was advertised on this site some time ago and I was lucky enough to be in the location to collect it, I would like to pass that gesture on :)


sorry just been reading your earlier post that answers my question


good to hear you don't need oxygen now , im not on oxygen but was wondering is there any thing in particular you did that improved your oxygen levels that you could share with the other members perhaps the ones that are border line

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I'm really interested bryju124, does it work on pulse ? if so it would work for me, I'm on 4lm when out and about. I'm in London but would be more than happy to send you the money to send it by any parcel carrier in advance. I'm not sure how to send private message on this site but I'm sure someone does and can help . Fingers crossed it's not gone. I am at stage 4 v. severe.


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