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Singing for COPD

Not sure if anyone has posted this link before, but thought it was a nice story about COPD and the possible benefits of singing (plus a plug for Philips products). It is a US initiative, but nice to see Gareth Malone being involved!

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When you sing or um you use the mucels in your lung like most people know but it could inder some as it is like if you are running or jogging ect so my advice is if someone with very bad lungs or hart take it very slow by huming a song about 5 to 10 mins a day not to get to out of breath


That was beautiful! I'm sitting here watching the choir singing with tears streaming down my face. 😪

I'm not sad.

I feel very proud of these very brave people who have lung conditions just like all of us.

Thank you Monkey for sharing this.

It's an inspiration to us all 💐


I knew singing was good for us, but this little clip was a breath of fresh air. Made me tear up, thank you

Jjude xx

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