I was diagnosed with copd 2 in January of this year. I have the pink inhaler 2 puffs in the morning and night and salbutamol when needed through passive smoking with my husband smoking near me. I had an x-Ray which said this, but also work with dusty notes at the local hospital. So my husband keeps saying it isn't his fault. I went to my go last week who said that I need to have an urgent spirometry test this week and see him in 4 weeks. I asked him what would happen then and he said we will have to wait and see what the results are. I also don't know whether to quit working as somebody who I know said people with lung conditions in Holland aren't allowed to work there.

I am having problems recently with breathing recently and coughing a lot.

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  • I don't know about Holland but lots of people work here with lung conditions ,could your husband not smoke out side so you don't have to breath his smoke as it wont be doing you any good , I take it the pink inhailer is fostair I just been started on it so can say how good it is at min seems ok

  • He has been smoking outside when he remembers to. We are only around one another at weekends due to our working hours and yes it is fostair. I've been told I have the lungs of a 99 year old. I don't know about you. It sure is strange.

  • I have emphysema , you may find after the test they will give you another inhaler im on seebri once a day as well , have they ever check to see if you have a asthma element to your breathing the dust could be playing that up

  • I'm not sure about that I will have to ask when I see him again. Is emphysema the next stage of copd do you know?

  • copd is normally an umbrella term for emphysema and bronchitis , may be some more lung problems that it covers to not to sure

  • Oh ok thank you

  • there are lots of things you can do to help your breathing do as much exercise as you possibly can , eat healthy , don't breath in smoke , if you think you may have a chest infection see gp as soon as you can too , a lot of people find that pulmonary rehab has help them a great deal .

  • I am trying my hardest not to mmzeter and hope I find the signs of a chest infection quick enough as they hurt quite a bit recently due to coughing.

  • Sorry to hear that you are ill too.

  • Hi Gillian ,sorry to hear you're having problems with your breathing.

    Obviously you're in the right place to get advice as we all have lung conditions here.

    I don't know the rules in Holland but in the Uk it would not be allowed to sack someone because they had lung disease.

    Lots of members on here work full & part time jobs & they all have various lung conditions of different degrees.

    I would most definitely not quit work. Go for the spirometry test. Get the results & if need be take the meds or inhalers prescribed.

    In the meantime, eat well, sleep well, exercise, go to work. Above all, ask your husband to smoke outside!

    Good luck & let us know how you get on 🌺

  • Thank you I am going to work as long as I can although not had a good time recently. I do make sure that I take the inhalers regularly and trying to get as much exercise as possible. I will do the spyrometry test even though I hate those pegs on the nose lol and yes I will let you all know nearer Christmas when I next see the doctor.

  • Hi gillian I was diagnosed copd and asthma the last couple of years were a struggle for me at work with sob as I was working on construction site. The firm I worked for were very understandind and let me take time out to take my nebuliser and rest. Unfortunately it cuoldnt carry on like that as my copd got worse .I miss work a lot . Ii would have liked to carried on working. So if yuo fell fit enough and are happy to work dont give it up just take care dave

  • Thank you I am going to try and sorry to hear about you too. Take care

  • Feeling for you and really sad you are having to breathe in your husband's smoke, albeit passively.... I have COPD and have now a hyper allergic response to second hand hope that doesn't happen to you.

    Do continue working for as long as you is my opinion....and I wish you well

  • Thank you for your advise it is appreciated and take care

  • Hi, oh how I wish I had a pink one! Mines purple which I hate 😉

    I hope your husband will stop smoking for his sake as well as yours.

    I'm glad you're going for a lung function test. Over time with clean air, good diet, avoid people with germs (in a hospital?), do everything you can to boost your immune system. Good luck. Peege

  • I doubt if he will as he is very stubborn and ignorant about the situation. I've already had one lung function test so, it seems strange I have to have another one. The last one was in January and yes trying the clean air, best diet I can bearing in mind I found out I am diabetic xmas eve last year and I work in a hospital. Good luck too with yours. Whats the purple one like?

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