Hi it's been a while

Hi it's been a while

I have still been on reading the posts but not commenting ..just felt like I needed to read rather than keep putting on that my voice still hasn't come back properly ...to and throw to the doctor and eventually got a appointment at ENT tomorrow this has been going on since I had tonsillitis then laryngitis and so on .I feel that it will be nothing serious but it is frustrating trying to communicate in work and being a supervisor nessasry to communicate effectively has been almost impossible .breathing has been really good recently might be all the antibiotics I have had in the last 2 month anyway here is hoping that it isn't anything to worry about ..we have done Manchester xmas market what a day lovely was going to go Scotland for 5 days yesterday but this appointment is more important ..I want to wish you all a very happy well Christmas and seasonal cheers from me and mine all the very best wishes to one and all and introduce my new friend the one on the right is mine CASPER I get him on the 22nd of December xx

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  • Oh my... aren't they just gorgeous, what a lovely Christmas pressie. Need to get your voice back before he comes home or he'll be running rings round you :-) take care janx

  • Oh what a wonderful Xmas you will have,he does look very gorgeous😄

    Do pop in,& let us know how you go with the ENT.Good luck with it,must be very frustrating,you only need to whisper to us you know😳

    Good to hear your breathing is good anyway.

    A very Happy Xmas to you & Casper

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • Hello Mazinuk....

    they are gorgeous, and Casper is a particularly handsome fellow....I bet you can't wait to fetch him.

    It's starting me off wanting another Dog...My lovely Murphy had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago, and we made the decision not to have another....We will see.

    I wish you a speedy recovery....and a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year to you and family.

    Velvet XX

  • There nothing like a new puppy to help you through the loss of a much loved pet.

    Mind you George was a real handful. Our beloved 18 year old dog died. we were distraught my husband felt so depressed. It didn't take long for George to cheer him up, although we never forget Holly.

  • I do hope all goes well at the appointment. Casper looks so sweet what size is he likely to be?

  • More and more I realise how we miss having pets.The puppies are beautiful. Kaye

  • What a shame you can't get to Scotland, but it will always be there. Puppies are absolutely enchanting - bet you can't wait for Caspar to come home! I hope you are feeling much better very soon.


  • Oh they're absolutely gorgeous! You'll be so looking forward to getting Casper home.

    Hope you manage to visit Scotland when you feel better. In the meantime, good luck at your ENT appointment tomorrow. 🌺

  • thank you cant wait for him to come home and scotland soon and appointment probably nothing to worry about xx

  • What a lovely little chap Casper is😀 you must be so looking forward to your first Christmas together, many Blessings to you and yours, hope your appointment goes well in ENT, I've spent many hours in there!😊🐕

  • Oh how cute they are, bet you can't wait. Hope you get good mews xxx

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