Nighttime coughing

Good morning to all and hope you are all well.after a 6 week chronic dry cough X-rays showed emphasemia (ex smoker) supposed to have spirometer test tomorrow but was put off due to nasty head cold .all this time never been given anything other than a blue inhaler which does nothing for problem is at night I do nothing but cough .not bringing up anything but is driving my hubby mad as obviously it's keeping him soon as I go out in the air I am fine .but it's constant all night long .should I go back to doctors as even with emphasemia am sure I should have some respite at night from coughing and I must get some sleep .my chest and back are so sore from this nighttime cough any suggestions please guys.otherwise I am ok .

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  • Hello schnapps

    If your dry cough only starts at night and in bed are you sure it's not something in your bedroom that triggers you off. ??

    Is it.... colder / warmer...are you allergic to your it because you are laying it your husband ???? Joking apart, it could be his deodorant / aftershave...which you are closer to when you are in bed...,

    Could it be your washing powder...

    Hope you get it sorted...l get it sometimes and it drives me's my Asthma with me.

    Velvet xx

  • Well it's strange you mention that as it's something that had crossed my mind as when I get up and sleep on the settee in the lounge it seems to ease off.our bedroom is very small and I have to leave a window slightly open otherwise it's to warm .but think I will look into this as I sneeze with flowers deodorants ( my husbands) and you know I could be allergic to him ha ha .i don't use aerosols etc as this sets me off sneezing .a good suggestion thanks def.will be looking into this .you are a star xxxx

  • Hi shnapps

    All sorts start me off...cold areas round the fridges in supermarkets....perfume smells in chemists...fibre smells in clothes shops, this is a drastic one for me as l love clothes !!

    Air fresheners isles in supermarkets...the list goes on...oh and musty churches !!

    I sometimes use Vicks antiseptic and anaesthetic throat spray and Suck strepsils...which help to deaden the tickle enough to get me off to sleep.

    Velvet xx

  • All sounds familiar to me ,glad I am not alone .will try everyone's suggestions and see how I go thank you xx

  • I, too ,cough at night,usually as soon as I go from an upright/reclined position, to lying flat. It typically starts with a slight tickle at the back of my throat,or a gentle wheezing in the upper lungs. Then it rapidly goes into a full blown hack attack. Same thing happens in the morning when I first sit up in bed. I've learned to use an antiseptic throat spray,(phenol), right before I lie down for the night,followed by my evening dose of Advair,and my rescue inhaler. Prior to any of that,though, I've used the nebulizer. As soon as I wake in the morning, I first use the throat spray,then the nebulizer,then the morning dose of Advair and Spiriva. If I cough through the night, it is typically due to a dried throat,(usually the result of breathing through my mouth,because my nose got stuffy). I don't know what your air quality is, but it has everything to do with breathing and coughing.

  • Thanks for that glad I am not alone .how does one measure air quality .?

  • Hi shnapps

    Air quality is measured in most cities in the UK, l don't know who you would get the info from....try your local council for starters.

    But it is not a reflection of the air quality around your changes daily and also depends on traffic volume,...traffic conditions...all sorts of variants local to you.

    Velvet xx

  • Velvet is right, I worked in Health Department of a local Council years ago, and my first job in the morning was to process details of air quality from filter papers taken from an outside machine. We were rural but surrounded by collieries, although they were some distance away. The results were not good. Things are totally different now since the Clean Air Act, but there again some properties near me are still using coal. I've learnt which areas to avoid so smoke doesn't irritate my lungs..

  • Many, many, many, many years ago my school used to do the testing, it was amazing how filthy, and blocked up the filter paper was the morning after bonfire night, or after a good pea souper, it's just as bad now with all the hydrocarbons.

    No wonder we have lung diseases. Rant...Rant !!

    Velvet xx

  • Gosh yes Velvet, I remember making a date with a lovely boy - we lived in Manchester - and my Mum and Dad wouldn't let me go because the fog was so thick - I was very upset. Going to work sometimes the buses would mount the pavement or go over a something in the road. No wonder indeed... in fact a wonder we are still here. heh heh

  • Hi Jennifer

    Like you l remember those bad fogs.

    We used to live on a bus route, and they were so bad the conductor used to walk in front of the bus shouting to the driver if it was clear a few yards in front.!!!

    And.. l remember the days when your Mum and dad said you couldn't go somewhere...and you didn't !!

    Velvet xx

  • We didn't really question Velvet - our parents knew what was best for us - most of the time, and we respected them.

  • Thanks for that will look into this xxx

  • Hi. You can get daily air quality updates on the following link. Take care.

  • Thank you most helpful x

  • Thanks will take all this on board and see how I go xxx

  • Hi, you don't have feather pillows do you?

    I have polyester ones , but I have anti allergy covers on them and on the mattress too.

    I did try a similar cover on the duvet as well but that just made me feel like being in a sauna.

    I find I need a number of pillows now as lying flat makes my breathing worse.

    Taking sips of water helps me too.

    How often do you take the blue inhaler....tell your GP when you go for your Spirometry test.

    Take care.

  • Hi there .pillows are all new polyester and duvet also only a summer one still being used .been out for some fresh air this morning and not having any coughing spasms .which is such a relief .blood pressure has been ok but heart rate resting at 110 which is unusual for me but am going to a funeral later on so might be that .will keep an eye on it .but only take inhaler when I keep coughing but maybe should take it before sleeping .yes I do need to speak to doctor .thank you taking all the suggestions and help I can get.just bought some first defence for hubby in case he goes down with the cold has gone but cough persists yet again .it gets very frustrating .x

  • Nighttime coughing was always seen as a symptom of asthma. Obviously you need to find out if it's an allergic type cough caused by something irritating your airways or a productive cough. If you cough up mucous then the cough has a function but the only function dry coughs have is , to drive you crazy. Chat it out with your medical team.

  • Well that is what I thought .i am thinking along same lines. Today as cough is not productive at all .allergies and asthma are coming to mind right now thanks for your input as it gives a better insight to hat I may be looking for as I don't have much faith in our doctors .i don't use them much thank god xxx

  • I used to be like that when I smoked...I was fine when I was up and about but as soon as I layed down to sleep the coughing started and only way I could stop it was to suck on sweets and most times fall asleep with one or two still in my mouth.

    I was told the reason was something to do with the glands when you layed down. .....can't remember how I got rid of it was a long time ago. I think it was antibiotics.


  • Thanks I am taking all advice given and see how I get on xx

  • I sympathise as my asthma is always worse at night.

    Have you tried taking the blue inhaler before you go to bed? I often do and settle better. Post nasal drip causes coughing and once you start coughing cycle it's a vicious circle

    Good luck with your tests - when you get them - you'll soon get the right medication to help you. P

  • Thank you am going to try the inhaler before going to bed but it does not seem to do anything maybe I am not using it right but have followed instructions but will persevere x

  • ooo yes, it is possible to take them incorrectly. What is it? If a spray type you should have been given a spacer with it which gives you the premium dose. You only get approx 50% without one. Free from docs or about £8 at the chemists.

    It's so easy to take them incorrectly, there are different methods for different inhalers. Google 'how to take .......' Usually a YouTube demonstration will come up, probably several.

    On my PR course I discovered I'd been taking Seretide wrongly for 3 years! Easily done and can wreck your health.

    Good luck

  • I shall check this out with practice nurse thank you xx

  • Hi 1008

    Me also

    Velvet xx

  • Well I can relate to that as went to my sister in laws funeral this afternoon and was concerned in case I cough and my God did a cough start had to leave the service until it stopped must sort this out soon xxx

  • Hi Schnapps , rub Vicks vaporub onto the soles of your feet before you lay down to sleep. You can slip some socks on top. Sleep with your top half raised, I use a bed wedge. The Vicks works for many people although it does seem weird to rub it on your soles, I did not believe it would work until I tried it.

    Sleep well.

  • Hi there .interesting as I tried this before and it did nothing .do you have to do it every night ? Last night I sat upright and slept but was so so tired from the night before is probably why I slept x

  • Yes you must do it every night and make sure to rub it in well, then pop some socks on and keep your feet warm. I am sorry if it doesn't work for you, I find it amazing. Sitting upright isn't too good, but I know how it feels when you are desperate to sleep. I bought a bed wedge which raises me nicely. If you get one, don't go for a cheap one, they are usually either too hard or too soft and will be useless.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for that will do tat every night and see how it goes x

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