Bronchiectasis help please

My consultant wants me to take Azithromycin for 6 months but I'm unsure of the best dose. Is 250 mg daily preferable to 500 mg three times a week? Suggestions and experiences most welcome. Thanks all.

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  • Hi there Kerrieblue, I took 250mg three times per week for about six years. It was very good at first then slowly became less effective. There are quite a few people on here who are taking it now and so I am sure that they will be along. I hope that you find that azith helps you.

  • Hi

    What dosaged as you GP recommended, the fact we are all different could mean one persons dose may not be suitable for the next.

    I would start with the dosaged given by your GP and see how you get on..

  • I had it every day nearly killed me heart trouble .. If i had to have it again be 3 times a week like lot others

  • i've been on 250 three times a week. Did 9 months first then four month break, then six months, then another break. Works great for me, but I know some people do have trouble.

  • I've been on 250mg 3 times a week for more years than I care to remember. seem to do ok on them. M

  • Hi Kerrieblue. I have bronchiectasis with persistent HI type B infection. I started with month on month off of 500mgs 3 times per week. Now on 500mgs 3 times per week every week which is much better. Basically I am taking what the consultant prescribed each time. I hope you get on well with it. Take care.

    Sue xx

  • I've been taking 250 mg daily for three years now. Not sure if it's achieving much for me but I'll keep taking it as long as I'm asked.

  • Kerrieblue I also am on 250 daily for twelve months started them in April and have only had one infection which I am just getting over. I was told that because I am very low in weight he wanted me to take it every day.

  • I took it 3 times a week, sorry can't remember dosage jan x

  • Many thanks for all the replies, will talk it over again with my doctor.

  • I take many medicines some for bronchiectasis, I take Azithromicin because besides being a great anti biotic it is also a fantastic anti inflamatory. My dose is 250mg on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think that it all depends if it is the main AB or a back up (anti inflamatory) I take nebulised Gentamicin as the main one. Good luck !

  • Your on same meds regime as me - I am just starting Azithromycin and hope my heart is ok as I have prolonged QT! My lung has been so inflamed so hope it helps here. Take care

  • Sorry , I don't come here regularly. I have found that Azithromycin has been nothing short of miraculous. I have had arythmias, atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation for which I had an ablation, I have no arythmias now. Having a prolonged QT may increase the odds of something going wrong but, for me, it was all worth it, I have not been hospitalized for over two years for bonchiectasis exarcerbations (in fact, anything at all.) I wish you the same good fortune !

  • Hi.Kerrieblue.

    I take Azithromycin for Bronchiectasis, i prefer to take 250mg daily only because I know when I have taken, it's very hard to tell if it makes a difference but I have certainly had less flare ups due to infection since starting a few years ago.

    I stop taking if I do feel I am haveing a flare up and take clarithomycin daily slow release for two weeks. I do get episodes where I feel unwell but no temp or change in mucus just feel unwell, this is difficult as never sure when to start rescue pack.

    Hope I have not gone on too much.

  • I would definitely go with what your doctor has prescribed.

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