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Still learning about myself !!

Hi to all and hope you are all well.just an update as a newly diagnosed emphasemia sufferer.could not have my first lung test at doctors due to a rather nasty head cold which is streaming right now.the nurse explained everything to me and asked a load of questions on my health .the xray she said showed a cell change in the lung whatever that means ? So it's classed as copd .no shadows or suspicions at this stage of lung cancer.she took my oxygen level with a finger thingy and said it was 99 per cent good.all blood tests came back good and weight and blood pressure good .as I can walk ok and play indoor bowles 3 times a week and still do normal things she seem to think it was mild at this stage but pointed out it gets worse and does not rule out it can turn to lung cancer.she is ordering me an emergency pack of antibiotics and inhaler and steroids .i go back in a couple of weeks for lung test .does this all sound normal to you guys.not looking forward to going to Wales for my sister in laws funeral Monday with this cold but hey ho could be worse could be mine .

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Hi Schnapps, glad you are feeling ok & able to exercise, it's good for you.

Sorry to hear about your sister in law, my condolences.

I must admit I was quite taken aback when you said your nurse stated 'does not rule out it can turn to lung cancer'

Obviously anyone can have lung cancer but I wasn't aware that it was a given if you had Emphysema.

Take care 🌺


Hi there .i think the nurse was just covering her back by saying that but not sure.she did say if they thought it might be I would have been referred for a scan and more tests


Hi, yes you could be right but why worry you if there's absolutely no need?

I hope you manage to get your lung tests done soon.

Good luck & keep well 🌻

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Thank you .you to .does this lung test tell you more about how they are performing and what stage you are at x


Yes the tests should show how much lung function you have. There are so many different tests you could have depending on whether it's at GP surgery or respiratory department in a hospital.

Your nurse can perform a spirometry test. It is the first and most commonly done lung function test. It measures how much and how quickly you can move air out of your lungs. For this test, you breathe into a mouthpiece attached to a recording device (spirometer).

The tests are nothing to worry about but worth getting done.

Take care 🌹

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Thank you for that now I know what's going to happen x

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hope you get over your cold quickly , good luck with you tests , if your mild in does progress but as long as you exercise , don't smoke , eat healthy , if you get chest infection start the antibiotics , take your medication , it can stay nearly the same for years some peoples have actually improved their lung function from when being first diagnosed , take care


Hi there thanks .i do find it takes me ages to get over a cold these days still got this head cold and nasty cough just hope it does not get worse whilst we are in Wales for a funeral .x


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