Long term use of amoxicillin

Hi all, I hope this finds you as well as can be expected!

I have been proscribed 2 500mg amoxicillin tablets a day for a 3 month period, although they have made the quality of my life so much better I am concerned about taking the tablets over such a long period. Any similar experience with you guys?

thanks a lot for listening take care and look after yourselves and each other

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  • Was it the doctor or consultant who gave it to you I have never heard of that one before I hope they help let us know

  • hi jimmyg23, it was my consultant that proscribed them for my bronchiectasis (his special interest) I have been on them for about two months and now leading a fairly normal life. I produce about a quarter of the mucus than I did before I started the treatment, I am seeing him privately my next visit is Jan and will keep you posted.

    All the best Alan

  • Hi Alan I am glad they seem be doing you the world of good and hope it stays that way just that I had heard of a long course of antibiotics but thanks for the response and pleased for you

  • Hi Caerleon, do you have COPD or another lung condition?

    I have COPD & have Amoxicillin in my rescue pack but it's never been prescribed for daily use.

    Be interesting to learn why you have to take it everyday as I thought it would be less effective if taken over a long period.

    Take care 🌻

  • Same here Jessy11. I am also curious, but I do hope it is helping you.

  • hi jessy, I have bronchiectasis. I discussed this situation with my consultant (it was his recommendation) he said that I would be checked for any resistance occurring and switch medication for as short period. I am lucky enough to have a GP in the family so I confirm everything with him.

    Take care

  • Hi Caerleon, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry I didn't notice you had Bronchiectasis. I understand abs are needed more frequently than if you have COPD like I have.

    Hope it works for you

    Keep well 🌻

  • Hi, I was prescribed Amox ABS for Bronchiectasis for home use in an emergency. Did not work for me and was prescribed Azrothmy acin. Kaye

  • Hi Kathiesue, I also had amox for my emergency kit (I also have bronchiectasis) it was noticed that taking the medication had a profound effect on my quality of life that this form of treatment was recommended.

    all the best Alan

  • I have bronciectasis and am on flucloxacillin twice a day. It has made a hugh difference to my life.. I've been on them now for about 3 years or more. Best thing that ever happened to me, I was permanently ill before taking them. Still feel a bit rough now and again but better. Take care Shirley x

  • Hi shirleyj, really please to here about your positive outcome, my situation is very similar to yours, and long may it continue.

    take care Alan

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