Strong boy...but not clever 😢

Strong boy...but not clever 😢

87 stone slabs×12 kilos = ?

240 bags of sand×40 kilos =?

Two days of hard but enjoyable work and problem sorted.

You can do it if you put your mind to it.

Not long ago I found it hard to take the shopping from the car to the house...hard to walk up the stairs to the bedroom and even eating was an effort.

After a lot of thinking I can honestly put it down to the shock of been told that I had Asthma and COPD with a lung fev1 of 54%...oh that's the good and the bad news from my comical lung specialist.

Went to another hospital for a second option. ..this time JUST with an xray was told that I had COPD AND MY LUNGS FUNCTION WERE BELOW 50%...😨

Now...that seems such a long time ago...and if anything life has got better then before COPD.



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26 Replies

  • Lovely garden ,glad you are back have missed you

    Carole xx

  • Thank you Carole...nice to be love love the garden.


  • well done andy that looks lovely, glad to see you back , take care

  • I built up the ground inside the chicken run by about 6 to 9 inches it's so much better now.


  • we have decided to sell ours , we are planning on moving so trying to get things cleared up in the garden so not so much to do when we find another place to live , a friend of ours is going to have them so know they will be well looked after

  • Oh Malcolm, nice to hear you're moving house. Exciting times ahead!

    Only thing is...... Where will you sleep if you sell the chickens & their house etc? 😂😂😂

  • not found another yet but on list for a bungalow we rent of council and if we get offered one we might only have couple of weeks to move so got to get rid of loads of stuff , don't worry will still have a shed to sleep in ,

  • Hi Jessy

    Dawns always got the dog kennel to banish him to !!!

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Velvet, of course she has! A hut, dog kennel, chicken run, it's all the same thing..... A place to keep our Malcolm when he misbehaves! 😉😂

  • Hi Jessy

    That would be most of the time then !!

    Velvet xx

  • me misbehave im the most well behaved man I know , I was brought up to respect my elders and elderly people that's why im so nice to you and jessy you see

  • Hi Pinocchio

    You be careful your nose doesn't start growing !!

    Velvet xx

  • that would be ok as the pup sleeps on the bed a lot of the time well until dawn is a sleep then I make him get on the floor

  • Sorry you giving up on the chickens Malcolm. ..

    Hope you find a place to move to soon.


  • Hi Andy, was thinking about you yesterday & here you are!

    Glad to hear you are well & been extremely busy.

    You've made a good job of your garden, you should be proud!

    Take care & keep well 🌻

  • Hi Jessy...I have been keeping busy and enjoying it..but mostly going swimming ..

    I don't count how meny lengths I swim anymore ...what's the point I lose count after 10000...I just carry on pushing myself untill am happy ☺


  • Hi Andy I was also thinking about you yesterday, it is good to have you back.

    Well done those slabs look great, don't know how you have done it.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly..I did all of it by myself. ..

    I think I had something to prove to myself...there's still a bit more to do but the builders merchants

    Waiting for delivery of more stone.

    Nice to hear from you.



  • Now we know what you were up to while you were AOL. Great piece of work, Andy.

  • Hi eregendal. .thank you so dose look good...and feels good to walk on it to..

    Wonderful feeling when you done something good and you can benefit from it every day.

    Kindest regards.


  • Hi Andy

    It looks fabulous...well done.

    So nice to see you posting again.

    Velvet xx

  • Good morning Velvet..thank you for your of to the garden market in a minute see if they got something special for me and then on to beach with the boys...sleep good ☺


  • Hi Andy, you have done a marvellous job. Good to have you back xx

  • Hi Lyn..and good morning. .

    Nice to be back...

    The day looks to be very hot today so packing a few things and going to the beach for the day.

    Kindest regards.


  • Well done! It's good when you can see the results of all your effort - makes it all worthwhile. Good to hear from you again too.

  • Hi magpuss. ..thanks so much for your reply...

    I am so happy with the end result.. it feels great to walk on when I go to get the eggs.

    It took me two whole days on my own. . my girlfriend would bring me ice cold water and sit close by for company.

    You know I think she quite happy with me...but the biggest grin on my face come from when my boys come home from school and said that it looked beautiful.

    Kindest regards.


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