Feeling sorry for myself

Meeting up with 6 of my 7 sisters for a night away in Nottingham on Saturday, staying in a nice hotel with spa and pool. Thats not a problem, far from it, really looking forward to it. I've been sorting out my clothes and shoes for the outing, My feet and legs are swolllen so much I cant get my new shoes or boots on, so have to resort to old ones that don't go with anything. Just trying to put them on and take them off left me really breathless. Then there's my trousers, lost weight, so although they fit on waist, they are too baggy on my skinny legs, After much huffing and puffing, finally decided what to take, but was left feeling very frustrated and almost tearful, which is not like me, am usually quite upbeat and positive. Yes I know this is quite trivial, compared to what is going on in the world, but made me realise how limited I am sometimes. Right, rant over, will feel better tomorrow when I do my volunteering at Alzheimers society, and see people really worse off than me.

Hope every one as well as can be,

take care all.

Christine. XXX

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  • hi Christine i bet you look gorgeous in anything, i know sometimes we can all get frustrated about things that happen in our lives and your excitement about going into Nottingham, you will forget all the worries, i hope you have a good time, and my i say a big thank you for your work with Alzheimers Society, i'm in the early stages with Alzheimers its hard trying to cope with this as well as all the other illness i've got, so enjoy yourselves on Saturday and take care, i know what its like in Nottingham i used to work in Nottingham before i had to finish work with ill health, i'm Alan sorry nearly forgot to say who i was. Alan

  • Bless you Alan, xxx

  • your very welcome my friend can't remember what i did or didn't do for you but your very welcome and i bet your sassy take care Alan xx

  • Hi, Alan, thanks for that, was just having a moment, had a couple glasses Baileys and chocolate !!! feel better now. I have been volunteering with Alzheimers for a few years now, my Mum had it, I hope you are getting all the help you are entitled to. It must be very difficult for you, what other conditions do you have ? Do you know the Eastfield hall hotel in Nottingham? that's where we are staying on SaturdayTake care,


  • hi Christine yes the help i'm getting is great stuff and thanks to people like you, how's your mum now with her Alzheimer i hope she is coping. yes i know the Eastfield hall hotel can't remember where in Nottingham it is but i've heard of it. after 48 years of illness you get use to it. the other illness i've got is, are you ready. diabetic type 2, three disc out my back, tapped my sciatica nerve is damaged, osteoarthritis, in my spine, hips and knees, Asperger syndarome, depression, Anxiety, panic attacks, damaged right shoulder blade and collar bone, industrial deafness, i think that's it but apart from that i'm o.k. i think. anyway enjoy saturday and hopefully speak to you again take care Alan xx

  • Goodness me, Alan, you do have a lot to put up with. Unfortunately my Mum passed away quite a few years ago. My Grandson and Grandaughter both have Asberger syndrome, Harry was diagnosed about 9 years ago, and his sister, Joy about 3 years ago. They get help in school and college, but it doesn't seem to hinder them too much. They are both very sensitive, caring, young people, and I sometimes think their condition actually makes them more unique and loveable.

  • I bet you will look great and have a wonderful time. Sometimes illness can really knock you sideways which is understandable. Pick yourself up and smile. Enjoy Saturday. Xxx 😘😘😍

  • Hi, Sassy, thanks for that, ok now after a couple of glasses of baileys and some choccy !!! I'm sure I'll enjoy myself, it's not often I get together with my sisters, there are 7 of us altogether, so getting us all together is no mean feat. Unfortunately 1 of them can't make it, but 6 out of 7 is still pretty good.

    Take care,

    Christine. XXX

  • Yes Hanne, that is very true. I know I'll enjoy it despite my moans.

  • Hi Christine have a fantastic time away and I am sure your sisters will understand. I know what you mean though. Do you have any brothers? You certainly come from a large family. x

  • Hi, yes I have 4 brothers as well, 11 altogether. We all live in various counties, but try to keep in touch and have some sort of family 'do' at least once a year to meet up and have a good old chin wag.

    Take care,

    Christine. XXX

  • Wow, at least you are not short of places to go on holiday! :) x

  • Just enjoy it,no ones going to be looking at your feet,it's your company they want😊 That's worth more than a pretty pair of shoes! xxx

  • Hi Christine, what a great time you'll have catching up with your sisters!

    Nobody will even notice what any of you are wearing never mind what your shoes are like. You'll all be too busy chatting, laughing, reminiscing!

    I have 2 sisters & I love seeing them for a good old natter!

    Enjoy your stay in the hotel, make the most of it!

    What a caring person you are to volunteer at the Alzheimer's society. My grandpa had the disease for many years before he passed as did his daughter, my Aunt.

    Have a fun weekend & come back & tell us all about it 🌺

  • Hope you have a lovely catch up with your sisters, bet they won't care what shoes you are wearing. Sure it will do you good. We all need to have a moan sometimes with people who understand. Joyce

  • Hi Christine I know what you mean my wardrobe is a real miss mash of cloths I have big jeans for when my stomach is swollen not sure if I can blame this on COPD then my smaller jeans for when { I'm normal }. All my shoes and boots are flat now I go for comfort these days but when I go out with friends I try to look my best which is not always easy.

    Hope you had a good weekend with your sisters

  • hope once you get there you have a nice time

  • When you are having a good laugh with your sisters you won't care what you have on your feet. Enjoy every minute and hope you have a fabulous time. X x x x x

  • rant all you like Christine know exactly what you mean - it is the little ordinary things I struggle to do that really depress me too - think sometimes it is good to have a cry and mourn the things we can no longer do and the life we had at least that is how I'm feeling at the moment - we can't be positive all the time so take care and rant all you like xx

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