What do I do

I have been looking through some of your replys about what to do with copd in cold weather I donot like things over my mouth but it looks like I can not go out side with out some thing so to day I am off to the shops after the carpet cleaner as gone I have no wish to stop in doors I am a out door personi like to fishIng and to walk around the shops even if it takes me half the day to do it so I am going to the shops to get one Ed

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Hi Ed, I don't like anything over my mouth either. Makes me feel claustrophobic.

It helps to have a scarf loosely round the mouth & or nose area to keep the air going into your lungs,warm.

Only need to wear it if it's really cold & wintry.

It's still mild here so I wouldn't bother with a scarf yet.

Hope you enjoy your trip out 🌻

does it keep closed long enough to cover up jessy

Malcolm, I have to open my mouth to keep you in line! πŸ˜‚

Someone needs to stick up for poor Dawn!

I'm just back home. Been lunching with 2 of my daughters & 1 grandaughter. Had a lovely time at the shops as well. Weather is drizzly β˜”οΈbut not cold so I did not need a scarf!

Have a good day🌻

glad you had a nice day and lunch , have you lot won the lottery you seem to be lunching and shopping nearly every day ,

Malcolm, no we haven't won the lottery! I wish!πŸ˜‚

I was out lunching with my daughter & grandaughter from Cambridge on Monday.

Today I was with one daughter & grandaughter who lives 5 mins away & one daughter who lives in the house.

Obviously if we're out for lunch we have to visit the shops as well! πŸ˜€

I'm the same can't breathe at the best of times makes me claustrophobic. I have a snood its loose but does the trick, but I always wear a body warmer.

Kim xxx

Hi you don't need to have anything tight around your mouth, just a loose woolly scarf held quite close works just as well. The main thing is it warms up your airways when you breathe which helps a lot in the winter months. x

our youngest bought one of these it might help as they aren't as thick as a scarf and are light weight


yes when he bough it I though would be good for people like us I don't like wool round my face I bought a scarf last year from primark but only wore it if really cold when i bought it it was folded up when i unfolded it it was nearly 7 foot long it wrapped round three for 4 times made you feel suffocated ,

Malcolm, you could wrap up warm & cosy with your 7' long scarf when Dawn sends you to sleep with the chickens!! πŸ“

that is true , never seen a scarf like it

Well I whent out but could not find what I needed will have another look tomorrow but had a walk around one or two shops could not do any more I think I coughed my self around them but got home ok ED

Ed, maybe you could get a buff. My grandsons wear them sometimes & you can pull them up over your face as far as you want. The ones they've got are not heavy material so maybe what you need.

Just shop around, you'll get something to suit you πŸ˜€

Thank you I might try to get one ED

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