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Hi There,

My Grandfather suffered with COPD and unfortunately it got the better of him last month.

Prior this this, in June of this year, we purchased quite a lot of equipment that he never got a chance to use. I have been advised here would be a good place to post it up for a potential sale. Literally these items have been taken out of the box once, and then put back, so are as good as new. UK based and due to their weight, don't think shipping abroad would be cost effective.

Items For Sale:

SeQual Eclipse 5 - Portable oxygen concentrator (one battery included)- 3 Year Warranty (June 2018)

SeQual additional batteries x 2 (one year warranty)

SeQual desk top charger + worldwide adaptors.

The total price for the above new was just a touch over £3000, but we are very much open to any sensible offers.

We also have a brand new, Airsep Visionaire Stationary Oxygen Concentrator ( 3 Year warranty)

All items come with original packaging and accompanying documentation.

We would much rather it go to a home and person rather than a company that will sell it on for a profit.

I cannot confess to knowing much about the above machines, but if you do have any interest or questions, please just ask and i will do my best to find out.

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  • Ah I hope someone has an interest in these. In the meantime I just wanted to offer sympathy for your losing your grandad. Best wishes x piggi

  • How very kind of you, thank you!

    Yeah, as I said, I would much rather sell them direct to someone rather than to a company who will sell it on as a profit

  • Sorry about your grandfather!  Do you still have this equipment?  I have been looking for this exact thing!  We would have to pay for Post and Packaging as we live in the South of France

  • Thank you.

    Yes, it is all still available. And yes, we would have to figure some sort of courier service to get it all there safely. it is also very heavy, so that could add to the price drastically 

  • Thanks for your swift reply.  Can you let us have the weight so that we can work out P&P?

  • That's okay.

    I can give it a shot at figuring it out. I will send you a personal message with my details.

  • Actually, it is the Eclipse + batteries  and charger we need, so it's the weight of that!  Is there a trolley with that?

  • It is currently still at my grandmothers. I will have to go have a look. 

    I believe that there is a trolley with it. Would you be interested in the additional batteries and chargers also?

  • May be useful, when you look, to find out the litres per minute it delivers.  This should be in the handbook, and it's what people should be asking about.  It's likely to read something along the lines of 1-5 lpm(or 1-3 or 1-4 depending on its capacity)

  • I have moved on to emails at last!

  • Please get in touch if you are interested in selling to me thank you. Did you get my previous message where I made an offer I am not very good with computers so may not have replied properly. I did send my details as I didn't know how else to make contact and asked you to remove them if you read it but now I do not know if I sent it or not. Regards annieo

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