Is this weather bad for people with copd ??

I find that this cold weather is playing hell with my breathing I went out on Saturday and was more breathless then any other day and the same to day but when I try to keep warmi get the same thing is it getting worse or is it just me I find I am using my inhaler more let me know as I am going to see the copd nurse on Wednesday ?? ED

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  • Dry cold air does not bother me, wet humid weather is not good for me. I think we all have different reactions to the weather.

  • cold plays me up when its frosty it feels like the cold air is burning your lungs , I was told by the copd nurse to keep a scarf over my mouth and nose as it will help warm the air as you breath in

  • I believe the advice is not to go out when the temperature drops below 6 degrees (though I can't remember where I got that from). But each of us is different. Be sure and cover your mouth when it is really cold so the air is warmed before it hits the lungs and avoid going out when it is very wet or foggy.

  • I've loved the last few days Bright , sunny & really cold, although I couldn't stay out long. Loved sitting indoors in the sun.

  • I wouldn't be without mine - they are well worth the money.

  • The cold air as well as strong breeze is awful for me had to buy a neck ski mask to wear when going out, but try to avoid if I can so only go out very rarely during the hard winter months.

  • For poorer folks like me - You can buy some wonderful fleece hoods with a built in mask on eBay. Cheap as chips £2 ish!!!! from China so they do take a while to get here but really efficient! Order now for the worst of the winter to come. :)

  • When it's cold, cover your mouth with a thin scarf and always breath in in through your nose. The thousands of blood vessels in your nose, warm the air before it hits the throat and saves a lot of coughing.

  • I wear a Buff neck collar to cover my mouth and nose in cold weather, but if you buy one make sure it's the POLAR as these have a thermal inner layer, breathe in through your nose as this warms the air before it hits your lungs the out through your mouth.

    Good luck to you all this winter.


  • Generally speaking respiratory problems are worsened by cold weather - increased mucous production, proliferation of the common cold, lack of fresh air all add to our problems.

    Best wishes

  • I was diagnosed with COPD in June this year and I thought the hot weather was bad but I totally wasn't prepared for how bad cold weather is with COPD. I actually felt scared for the 1st time when I heard the weekends weather forecast. I was too frightened to go out so stayed indoors and just went out briefly today, with scarf around my mouth.

  • Im going to get one of those buff things and hope it improves the outdoor situation.

    It was explained to me that like everything else in the body, our thermostats use oxygen, so the extra O2 needed for cold weather can make it hard to breathe if you have copd. I don't cough, but my whole chest feels rigid and Im not able to walk more than about 20 yards, whereas normally i walk very much further with just the normal s.o.b.

  • Cold weather shrivels my lungs on the first inhalation! I took to wearing hat and scarf -- a wrap, really -- that I can pull over my mouth and nose when I'm out. I use ambulatory oxygen, so the cold doesn't help there, either. Wrap up warmly, stay warm and (if possible) indoors!


  • Breathing in cold air is bad for me I always have a scarf on in winter

  • Like every one else who have copd for the first time it's a bit hard to cope with it I am finding it hard to go out with out it taking my breath away in the cold I find it hard to have something over my month but as some people say it the only way to go out in the cold I will try it ED

  • Just bought a buff Merino wool neck scarf, it is the best thing I have bought. When I was told mountain climbers use them I thought why not ........ they can be a little pricey but it works.

    I'm now wishing for

    etch45 xxxx

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