Abdominal Pain & Maintenance Antibiotics & Live Stomach Bacteria Vs Bad Stomach Bacteria

Abdominal Pain & Maintenance Antibiotics & Live Stomach Bacteria Vs Bad Stomach Bacteria

As some will know I have had terrible abdominal pain, stomach, gut, belly, gastric, trouble but mainly my gut throat symptoms included problems when having a meal after I took my antibiotics lump in throat like indigestion and bad reflux and pain.

All very bad if lungs are shot already and prone to infections.

Anyway i am on permanate antibiotics and have tried everything to help with reflux and lump indigestion feeling when i eat that last all night .. and as been happing for some time.

I tryed taking my antibiotics befoure after food and that never cured it also tried few hours befour and after I eat and that did nout to help ... also I tried liquid probiotics that did nothing to help " stomach inflamation absorbshin issues " I think :(

But what i do know gut acid can be deadly & bad and cause's Inflamation indigestion reflux that I was suffering bad with.

But mine was I think caused by my antibiotic's I take use .. I have started taking Beneffect B6 food supplement capsules as liquid ones never worked .. and i have noticed they have settled lump in throat when i eat and that rank reflux as well as my indigestion as gone AS to lung hyperinflation think I need more than pill to sort that

But sure there are quite a few things that can cause gastric stomach pain reflux Like a hernia or even not talked about much subpulmonic effusion and or hyperinflation that is not just ASYMPTOMATIC or to do with ECCOMANY like some doctors like to think ... but real issues described in this post.

I guess this doc's talking about Gluten Free in this video

Obv i would talk to your own doctor gp before you tried anything BUT they did work for me :)

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  • Hello D3NIS I take it you have cut out all citrus, tomatoes pineapple onions and whole grain bread , a little white bread just to settle tummy after soup. Somebody reccomended slippery elm to me but have not tried it yet I am sorry but that is all the knowledge I have. Take care keep warm ♥

  • Hi starveycat cheers yer av not heard of elm av trees and that thats about as much as i know :)

    All things mentioned i do eat .. dont think could cut em out THAT be lot suffering if i did

    Am hoping av found me miracle pill lol

    Cheers thanks :)

  • So pleased that something is working well for you Daz. Good news indeed. Xxx

  • Hi sassy cheers yer its been horrendous just glad i found something that seems to work well

  • Hi Daz I'm pleased you have found something that works, I'm a firm believer in the type of foods we eat. My granddaughter had a dairy allergy from birth they took her off all dairy for 12 months then very slowly re-introduced it back in her diet using the ladder system and now she's eating ice cream.

    Gluten free diet was very difficult years ago but now the supermarkets stock a big range off gluten free but a lot more expensive

  • Hi cheers am sure antibiots cause gastric absorsion issues surpose thats why lot lung diease suffers lose weight

    Gues our floride in tap water dont help much eather if watched bottom video.

    But was reading about gluten free and was thinking i need to take it more serious

    Am hoping i will not have to go gluten free as what will i eat drink SO am hoping these germs pills will sort iron out bumps with regard my antibiotcs usage.

    Cheers thanks again

  • Hi Daz gluten free is expensive a loaf of bread is £3.00 and I know when I was buying jam tarts for our granddaughter they were £2.40 for six I did save by buying store own brand Asda ginger biscuit's did not contain milk.

    You don't get much choice Asda & Tesco have a very small selection so I would try the tablets first and I remember seeing a book it was called diet for IBS that might help good luck.

  • Hi Daz, I've read that organic coconut oil can be useful with digestive problems and can help with candida albicans, that's the problem with anti biotics it kill the good bacteria as well as the bad

  • Hi cheers yer have heard coconut oil is good IS just i dont like coconut

    Defo right about antibiotics av never had so many problems of late taking em

  • D3NIS, I'm so glad you have at last found something that will give you a little bit of relief. I don't personally suffer from reflux but my ex did/does and I know how HORRIBLE it can be and that's without any other problems health wise. Sometimes I do wonder if we are put on this planet as a sort of test to see just how much our bodies can endure !! Just glad you've finally got a little less pain.

  • Hi cheers yer ask myself that too :)


  • Hi daz, have you tried eating plain yogurt at all, it is cheaper than those little bio drinks and no sugar added.

    I always have to take my antibiotics after food, and the GP told me to stand up and walk about a bit so they don't irritate the oesophagus so much

    Take care...and I hope your dad is ok.

  • Hi knitter cheers yer tryed most yoguts and probiotic ones .. Was after germs pills but all local chemiest never had them in when i asked so tried yoguts they never worked

    Glad these pills are seem to work well

    As to me dad .. Its nice when all you have to worry about is crisp :)

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