Santa 2

For the attention of all PARENTS of young children:

On the 24th December at just before 6pm the International Space Station will make a pass over the UK, lasting about 3 minutes. Clouds allowing, the pass will be bright and clear.

For the attention of all young CHILDREN:

On 24th December at just before 6pm you will be able to see Santa's sleigh flying through the sky.

Please share this and spread a little magic.

7 Replies

  • That's a lovely idea...

  • Thank you. Were renting a cottage in the New forest & The grandchildren will love that - Nan

  • be nice if its a clear night

  • We watched last year and it was magical!

  • Brilliant !! We have two little ones coming for Xmas who would be very impressed. Thanks for the information.

  • Thank you. Hope it is a clear night. It will add to the magic for the little ones.


  • This handy for finding out when the ISS is flying over you all the year round. It hasn't announced the Christmas Eve Flyover yet. I saw it last year, there were red and gold lights on it and it was clearly visible.

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