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I posted a while ago about A shadow that had been found on my lung. Since then I have had another x-ray and see the consultant who referred me for a CT Pulmonary Angiogram. I am really worried about this as there was no mention of sedation in the letter they sent to me and I had a reaction to one I had before. So you can understand I am very anxious. Has anyone had one of these scans and were you given sedation?

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Hi Kristen,sorry to hear you're still having probs.I had a CT pulmonary angiogram,a few years back,& have been racking my so called brain,to remember what they gave me,without success I'm sorry to say!

All I can advise,is to ring the radiography dept.at the hospital,& explain your situation to them,I have always found them to be helpful.

I can hear you are very anxious about it,please don't be,but do ring,to put your mind at rest,

Hugs Wendells xxx

Hi Kristen, sorry to hear about your problem with the shadow on your lung. I don't have any personal experience of having an angiogram but a relative has had one. If I remember correctly it was done by injecting a dye into an intravenous line. I don't think sedation is necessary.

Wishing you luck & let us know how you get on 🌺

Hi I thought is same as contrast ct scan .. When they did pelvis thorax abdomen ct scan of me I was injected with dye so all my blood vessels shown up.

Unless the talking about arteries & veins all I know is there is iodine and none iodine used BUT are very good scan people But just make sure you remind em before the do it

As to sedation I never had any

I had the same scan about a year ago. No sedation needed. Don't worry it only takes about 6mins. No discomfort felt. Take care x

hi Kirsten I had an angiogram a couple of weeks ago, you don't need sedation but if you are nervous you can speak to nurse when you go there and they can give you something just to relax you.


I,ve had 2, one through my arm and one through my neck. Both times I was given the choice of sedation.

Good luck with it Kristen 😊.

Thank you all for your supportive comments. You are a great bunch and I really appreciate your advice and support x

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