Feel crappy

Feel crappy

Looks like I joined you sick people. Wheezing and achey. Got flu jab a wk. ago mon. Wondering if when your wheezing,

Your sats would be lower. Normally I am 96-97. Now I am 94-96. Dr. called about my uti. I asked for a different antibiotic over a wk. ago. No one called anything in for me. I ended up taking Amoxiicillin I had from June. Shows infection is gone.

It will come back as amoxiicillin don't get rid of it. They were all worried and wanted me to come right in! They screwed up. Nurse said if I get fever to go to the E.R. All of a sudden their worried about my kidneys! Been having this problem since the end of Sept. Hope all my sick

family are feeling better.😊Take care


Rubyxx 😊

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  • Hope you feel better very soon, Ruby.

  • Thanks eregendal

    Shouldn't complain. I get maybe 2 chest infections a yr, with the change in weather. Hope you are well.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Feeling fine at the moment. But having to do all the infection prevention strategies an awful lot as everywhere I go people are sneezing without covering their mouths and noses. Husband Alan is getting fed up of the smell of my TCP gargle.

  • What would TCP gargle be?

    Might need to try it!


  • TCP is an antiseptic - a solution of tri-chlor-phenol which you can dab on cuts and stings, and use diluted as a mouthwash and gargle. You can buy it at the chemist or in the chemist products of a supermarket. A 100ml bottle costs Β£1.99 from Boots online. For more info, look at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCP_(...) .

  • And it smells fantastic! Well, if you like TCP, which I do!

  • That's the phenol rings - they only loosely hold on to the three chlorine atoms attached to each ring, hence the antiseptic qualities, and why you shouldn't drink it!

  • Yuck yuck yuch - how can you like the smell of tcp frose? I guess I hate it because my parents used it constantly and their homes always smelt of it.

    Mind you I once had a killer sore throat which had been going on for 4/5 days. I borrowed my dads tcp and gargled a couple of times even though it made me feel sick, and within 2 hours my throat was cured. x

  • Hi Ruby

    It's horrible being ill.

    It's now 9 weeks for me and 5 lots of abs.

    I finished my abs 2 days ago and woke up this morning with a swollen face and my eyes are swollen up. Sinus trouble that just won't go away.

    I have an interview in just over 2 hours so I need a miracle to pull myself around.

    I am defo a member of the feeling sorry for myself club.

    Hope you pull round soon.

    Take care


  • Thats terrible sk. I feel so bad for you. You and Sonia both seem to be having the same problem. Shes had hers quite a while too. Do you get sinus infections a lot? Didn't go into your chest? I've been dealing with the uti for 7 wks. Its like no end in sight for us! Feel better sk.

    Let us know how your doing.

    Rubyxx 😊

    Good luck with your interview!

  • Hi Ruby

    It started with a cold then sinus infection then chest infection (the worst I have ever had needed a supply of 02 which is a first for me) then it went back to my sinus. So now after 5th lot of abs sinus is back.

    I have read through old posts etc I have tried everything. The douching yak doesn't help. So I guess I will go back to my entire doctor for advice or a referral.

    I used to suffer before I was diag. But not had a problem for a couple of years now.

    Might be time for mechanical irrigation LOL

    Take care (I wouldn't swap places with you tho!)


  • I know you have had the lurgies for a while now and am wishing you better soon. x

  • Oh dear I hope your face is going down now SK. Not nice. You will scare all the prospective employers away.. :p xx

  • Hi Ruby

    Hope you are on the mend soon.

    My SATs are normally 94/95 but with me they drop if I have an infection.

    I would chase up why they are worried about your kidneys...

    Take care of yourself.


    Velvet xx

  • Thanks Velvet.😊 I'm all panicking because my sats are

    lower. I know my normal and 94-95 is low for me. But guess it's no big deal. The wheezing must be doing it. They're worried about my kidneys because they totally didn't do what they said.

    It would be their fault if my kidneys got infected. The Dr. I normally see wasn't there the day I went. She wouldn't have let this happen. Don't know what is the problem with some of them.

    If you find a good one hang on to them!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Ruby

    Pardon the language but my GP is bloody useless !

    Mr Velvet was very ill before Christmas last year with vomiting and diarrhoea... This went on for six weeks, GP just gave him meds for the symptoms...ln the end l was so worried l took him straight to the ER..he was in renal failure...kidneys only working at 17%. Everything is OK now but doctors do make mistakes.

    If you are worried, go with your gut instinct, and get second opinions.

    Snow predicted in parts of the UK this weekend, l think l will hibernate !!

    Velvet xx

  • Thats scarey! Guess I better watch out for my kidneys better? Nobody knows our body like we do.

    Your right Velvet , you know how you are normally, and can feel if somethings not right.

    Drs. Know facts. We know our body! NO to snow!


  • Hi Ruby

    You are right...and l knew my husband...he had been self employed all his life and never took a day off work.

    So when l saw how he was l knew it was something more serious. The doctor wasn't listening to me, so that is why l took matters into my own hands...Good job l did.

    You take care.

    Velvet xx

  • Amen to that Ruby! x

  • Hi Cough 😊

    Hows your back? Did you go to the Drs? Hope your keeping well Chuck.😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Ruby, no doctors as it has reached the point of being quite a lot better, but it seems to have reached a plateau where it won't get completely better. I am going to see an osteopath next Monday and hope he can help.

    Thanks for asking when you have your own health worries. You look after yourself now and get yourself better very soon, or I will have to send the heavy mob round :) xx

  • Get better soon Ruby and wishing you well. Xxx

  • Thanks Sassy

    Hope you are well 😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Oh Ruby - wishing you a very speedy recovery with lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thank goodness they've finally switched on! I just knew amoxicillin isn't the right one for a uti. Should be something like septrin if you have that over there.

    Ruby, I hope you'll take whatever new antibiotic they give you through to the end.

    As you rarely take antiBs it should work quickly.

    Really hope you feel better soon. X

  • Thanks Peege

    Amoxicillin stops it, but it comes back. I see the pill your talking about. Their doing a culture and then will know which pill I need.

    Should have done that to begin !

    How many people take numerous abs , when they could just see which one would work.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Exactly Ruby.

    Glad they're doing a culture to ensure you get the right antiB

    P xxx

  • Hi Peege

    You'll be glad to know, I got checked out properly. Got culture done, chest x-ray, and ultrasound of my legs.

    (Because of cramps) 48 hrs for the culture. Also have abs-nitrofurantoin. Don't like this pill. Will wait for culture. Hope you are well

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Oh god Ruby. Here you go again. I think you have a death wish.

    You need to start a course of antibiotics and finish them. No harm will come if you take this one for two days and they decide to change it to a better one.

    The fact is that you can't afford to have a uti untreated, you will be causing more damage to yourself. The kidneys are pretty vital to your all over well being.

    Please, pretty please, start them. P

  • You're mighty convincing Peege!

    Don't know why I'm so stubborn. Always been that way. One time my appendix burst. I thought I had a virus, that was going around. I continued working in pain, not eating for a wk. Someone ( that you remind me of)

    Convinced me to go to the hosp. Pretty bad, I almost died . My stomach was filled with the stuff from my appendix.

    The Dr. and nurse

    were yelling and said they thought I had a death wish! Strange how people keep saying that to me!

    When that happened I swore I would never take chances again.

    Thanks for reminding


    Rubyxx 😊

  • I've had friends who've given up on me for being stubborn Rubes. It can be self destructive. I had to think outside my own box & remind myself the children were too important and life's too short. crazy to shorten it any more.

  • Bloody GPs! Get well soon Ruby. x

  • hope you feel better soon. take care

  • Thanks Malcolm

    Hope your well. Liked your photo of Jet.


  • Aren't they a cute pair? Hope you are doing well😊 Did you get a flu jab?


  • Hi ruby, sorry ur not feeling great, it's so bloody annoying feeling crap all the time, outsiders forget we have our lung issues all the time made worse by different weather, smells etc, but we also have everyday normal illnesses come along that then become harder to shift. I'm still not right either, I go from an okish morning to, knackered afternoon, to feeling crap on the night.

    Make sure they sort U out properly this time ruby, sending huge (((( hugs )))) xx Sonia xx

  • Hi Dear Sonia.😊

    Didn't forget your reply. Like to have a proper chat with you.😊

    I'm not showing uti on the dip strip now. They did culture finally! Also chest x-ray and ultra sound of my legs because of cramps. Don't seem to be getting the cramps now. Think it was coming from uti or amoxiicillin. Got checked out pretty good. Tired of playing with this uti. Will know results in 48 hrs. Now I want to know about you 😊 what's going on with your infection. Still on antibiotics? Did you read sk's reply? She seems to have the same problem as you. How long have you been sick now? Hows Mr. Mojo? Sharnie? When I think of you , I think of them😊

    Sending gigantic (((((( hugs)))))))

    To you.😊

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi ruby, so good to hear ur feeling slightly better, let me know how ur results go. I'm not to bad, one day I think I feel better then I'm all snotty and bunged up again, got another oxygen assessment 15th December , and my alpha clinic ( adapt clinic ) in January for a full MOT, and ct scan see how much or if the emphasema has progressed ( personally I know it has as I'm getting worse ), Mr mojo is still in hospital, but he's slowly getting there, and sharnie is doing ok on the lower dose of chemo, fingers crossed her levels manage to hold at an OK level, or they have to up the dose again, and that's when it knocks her about more, she got oncology/ haematology clinc monday. ohh ruby, I really wish just one day I could just reply with had a great day, all are well πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ never mind could be worse. Oh well I've got Xmas to look forward to, I love Xmas. Take care ruby and let me know hhow ur doing . Sending HUGE ((( Hugs))) back at ya. Love the pic by the way 😊😊Xx Sonia xx

  • I use aspirin against wheezing: bit.ly/salamol

  • Thats interesting gerry. Does it help copd to? Do you find it stops your wheezing?


    Rubyxx 😊

  • Yes Ruby. I've never taken more than 1 tablet before bed and it stopped some loud, scary wheezing very abruptly. The more I used it, the less I need it. I've upped my intake of vitamin C as well. I break up a dispersible aspirin between my front teeth and swallow the bits down. Not everybody likes that idea. Each to his own. If you do that, have some water handy to sip at the same time.

  • Hi gerry

    Thats don't sound like it would be to good on your throat and stomach. Could be wrong.


  • RubyRed777 the flu jab might have had something to do with your wheezing and achey feeling. Lots of people around me have suffered the same a week after the flu jab this year. Maybe they got the wrong strain again like last year which rendered that jab useless. They just guess which one to use.

    Make sure you get a good antibiotic. Amoxycillin is no good whatsoever for someone with lung problems. They tried to give that to my husband December last year for the infection he caught off me and he knew it was a useless antibiotic for his underlying illness and refused it much to the GP trainees dismay. He said he wanted what I had been given, Doxycyclin, and I had no underlying lung problems but even that did no good. I will check up which one they finally gave him which worked like a dream and get back to you.

  • Why is amoxiicillin bad if you have copd? Never heard that. Drs. don't tell you anything. I was good till I got the flu shot.

    (EXCEPT for uti) How are you?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • It is not that Amoxycillin is bad for you, just not strong enough when you have COPD or other underlying lung probs and an infection to boot, you need strong antibiotcs to make life easier quicker. Also as Amoxycilln is offered so often rather than the many other medicatons which specifically target the respiratory system one wonders what is in it for the Drs from the drug companies to keep on prescribing Amoxycillin. When get back home tomorrow will check what they gave hubby that helped more than anything.

    I have an underactive thyroid which GPs and Endo consultants don't seem to understand according to the many who suffer from it I learn fro the forum so we too have to take charge of our illness and guide the GPs, if that is possible. I will see if that happens as have been called to get a blood test to check levels - and that after nearly 3 years when it always was yearly - no matter, I have paid for 3 private ones to keep myself informed, so looiking forward to bringing the fact up that they did not remind me to get a blood test as was always the case before the Gp trainee programme helped them save themselves a fortune and time allowing them to take on other jobs like lecturing at universities and appearing in the surgery on a Friday only!!! Fings aint wat they used to be as the song goes!!

  • RubyRed777 medication that seemed to resolve my husbands dreadful infection was Clarithromycin 500mgs but that was after Doxycycline course and steroid course! Christmas messed things up for us otherwise he might be here today so get yourself sorted out before Christmas is upon us.

    Clarithrymycin I believe is targetted at the respiratory system. rather than a general antibiotic.

  • My normal sats 92-94% but I have asthma. Sats should be 95% and above so if your dipping best to inform your GP. Wheezing happens when you are trying to breath out through tubes which are inflammed and/or full of mucous, this in turn can interphere with gas exchange and sats will drop. Take care Ruby and hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks that explains it. Didn't know if you have asthma, your sats are lower. Thought just your peak flow.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Some Asthma sufferers can maintain normal sats even through an acute attack, it is an individual situation. Airflow can get severly restricted during infections and the body will initially try to compensate before the sats drop. Sometimes sats can be 99-100% in an acute attack, that doesn't mean the person is well saturated, it can mean hyperventilation. Individual assessment is the key because many asthma sufferers will also suffer from other types of restrictive/obstructive lung disease.

  • That's interesting Granny. I have asthma as well as copd and my sats are often early 90's. I didn't know asthma affected them so much. x

    Ps just taken them and they settled on 91 :(

  • Please see my response to Ruby. I would advise you to speak with your Dr to find out what type of asthma you have, if you have any other form of lung disease, and to ask why your sats are in the lower bracket. Some forms of lung disease cause poor gas exchange, for example emphysema in the alveoli. In these patients, low sats can be "normal" for them however, its better to know what your acceptable sat level is in order for you to manage your condition.

  • Oh dear Ruby sorry to hear that chuck. Have you been a little minx? :) Hope you are feeling better very soon. Look after yourself. Big hugs. xx

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