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No clearer

Well consultation over, didn't really answer any questions we set him. They did say that the tight chest and heaviness is the side effects of the bipap machine because it's helping him during the night his 'normal' breathing is so poor it takes a while for him to feel ok.

We also found out his lung function results which is 22% don't really understand it. We've got the tosca machine to use tonight and find the results tomorrow. I think they want to increase the pressure on the bipap machine so until we have another meeting just have to wait and see. X

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They don't always say things very clearly, do they? I am pleased you were listened to though and hopefully they can re-asses your Dad's needs and help him feel better. Don't worry about the numbers, mine are far worse. xx

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Toci from the posts you've written, you do give out a clear message that it's not always about the numbers or %'s sometimes - it's how you feel about your body. After all, we know how our own bodies feel and half the time the doctors don't listen to us and go by the book. You are so right.


Hi Melissa, sorry your Dad's consultant wasn't very helpful. Hopefully he will adapt to using the BiPAP.

Take care of yourself & best wishes to Dad. Let us know how he's doing 🌻

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