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Advice needed please!

I am caring for my Mum who has lung cancer and is due to have surgery soon. Her breathing and lung function is v bad which has led to the operation being cancelled. She wants to buy a device called 'Breathe Easy' by Aerosure. Does anyone know anything about this and more importantly, whether it is any good? It's £149 so I don't want her to get it if it's yet another gadget that will end up in the back of the drawer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If you type Aerosure into the search box you will find there have been a few discussions on this topic.


Thanks, I'll check them out.


Hi Blue, sorry to hear about your Mum. As Toci says, you'll get info from recent posts.

Hope everything goes well for you & your Mum 🌺


Hi blue as Toci says read up on it and if it was me I would check with my Oncologist or Consultant.

Best wishes to you both.




Firstly I would ask your mums Respitory team for advice on improving you mums breathing capacity/ strength.

There may will breathing techniques that will be suitable.

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Many thanks for your reply. I will check out the alternative you've suggested. The only problem is she is very weak at the moment. She is doing some breathing exercises given to her by breathing through some plastic tubes.

She was all geared up for a thorocotomy at Guys today but they cancelled due to her having another chest infection and they want her to get her lungs stronger first. If that is possible.

Thanks once again for your advice. I've been feeling more than a little bit in the wilderness with it all recently!


Hi, my husband uses Aerosure. It's really good exercise for the lungs. It was hard for him at the beginning. He did maximum 2 minutes. Eventually, he increased to 5-6 minutes. The only thing you have to do with this device is to breath through the valve through your mouth. The device pumps air into your lungs. The other function is to help to cough out phlegm. It works.

Recently I found out about Collodial Silver. Apparently it helps a lot to fight with respiratory infections. We have just started doing inhalations with the silver using nebuliser, nothing to report so far. You can make your own research online about Collodial Silver and how to use it. Then, you can make your own decision if it is the right thing to do for your Mum.

All the best,



Sorry for delay in replying - it's been a full on week.

Many thanks for your reply and I will certainly check out collodial silver as my Mum's big operation was recently cancelled after yet another chest infection.

Best wishes to you and your husband. X


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