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Hello every one

I am sorry I have not been on of late but I have popped on for a read now and again and saw that Jimmie has not been well and felt I must wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

The reason I have not been around is because I have been having it a bit rough of late, still on treatment but had to go for a full scan and full blood and down for results next week, I have lost some weight and what's really annoying about that is my wedding ring keeps falling off.

I really must write to my pal Suzy (W) to see how she is doing.

Keep smiling everyone, they say things can not get worse and in my case to add insult to injury I now have a thrombosis in my left leg, oh happy days.

Fred xx

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You all over Fred thinking of others ,hope things go well for you

Take care


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Fred, lovely to hear from you. You have had a bad time recently but hope you are now improving.

Hopefully you'll get good news with your results next week.

Take care 🌻

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It's so lovely to hear from you Fred. Sorry sweetheart you have been having such a rough time. Good luck with the results and I am hoping for some improvements for you.

With love



Hi Fred

I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough time and I hope things start improving soon.

Best wishes


Sorry your having a bit of a rough ride Fred. Just make sure you don't lose your ring...

I hope your results are good you will have to let us know when you get them.

Take care Fred sending love and hugs.

Sheila. xxxx😀


Lovely to hear from you again, Fred. You have been in the wars haven't you? I hope things improve a little for you now.


Oh dear Fred if you were a horse they would shoot you! Sorry to hear your latest news but great to see you love. Keep plugging away neighbour and keep that smile on your face. Lots of hugs xx


Hi, my lovely Pal, good to see you here. Sorry you are having a rough time. Me too.

How kind of you to think of me.

Will message you when I can. I keep my wedding ring round my neck after having had it fall off, didn't know when I realised I was so upset. Luckily Hubby found it in the bedroom on the floor.

Always in my thoughts and prayers Fred

Love Suzy(W)xxxx


Sorry to hear about your troubles Fred. You must be feeling rough as at one time you were on here every day. Miss you and Im crossing fingers you feel better soon Fred. Lots love, jean

Good to see you, hope everything goes well with the results.

Keep intouch and all the very best.


So sorry you are so poorly, fingers crossed for good results. Rest all you can, no need to waste energy on replies we will all understand.

Hi Fred, it's good to hear from you although, not so good to hear what you've had going on.

I hope the thrombosis clears up soon, you have enough to put up with. xx

Dearest Fred,

I have been thinking of you a lot. It is wonderful to see you.

It is possible to get a thing to make your ring fit,

otherwise, as Suzy says, a chain round your neck is a good idea. tI will be closer to your heart then.

I am so sorry to hear how poorly you are. It must be so hard going through all the tests and scans, then waiting anxiously for news.

Lots of Love and many warm hugs to you dear Fred,

Christine xxx :) xxx


So sorry things are not great at present but I'm sure you being you will give it your best shot (with one of your famous smiles) as Snodgrass says, no need for replies. Though we do miss your posts lol. Wishing you the best of luck with your tests. You take care xx

Good morning Fred, so good to read your post,very sorry things are so difficult for you at the moment, do trust you don't lose your ring, What bad luck to also be suffering with a thrombosis, do hope things will soon improve, yes, poor Jimmy,dreadful to choke when you are fit and well,but dreadful when breathing is is a problem. Hope your girls are ok, Best wishes, Bulpit

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Dear Fred - Lovely to see you but not good to hear that you are going through so much. Post when you can; there are a lot of us here who have you in our thoughts.

Sorry to hear you've been going through the wars Fred. Hope things start to improve for you soon. The ring snuggles can be really useful - and Amazon delivers to the door.

Oh Fred, sorry to hear about the thrombosis.



Dear Fred,sorry things aren't so good at the moment,I have been wondering how you were faring,so good to hear from you,but sorry not better news.

Do hope the thrombosis gets fixed soon,you really didn't need that,on top of everything.

Good luck with your tests results,fingers crossed for you,

Gentle hugs & love,

your pal Wendells xxxx

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Lovely to see your post Fred - though I was sad to hear that you are not too good. Best of luck with the tests etc. Stay positive and look after yourself, lots of love TAD xxx

Hi Fred

Do wish things would turn around for you - its a long hard road you are on.

I had a similar experience with my mother's ring, don't know if you read that post. Then I lost it and was over the moon when I found it on my bedroom floor. My weight loss is very gradual but nothing fits any more, just haven't got much appetite.

Hope the thrombosis gets cured and you get some good test results. Love, Iris x

Hi Fred, sorry to hear you have been having a bad time of late and hope you get good results from those test.

It is lovely to see you back on again, take care of yourself

polly xx

Dear Fred ...... I was so pleased to see you back here, but it goes without saying that I'm so sorry to hear you are still struggling. I hope and pray that your results are good. We all understand that you can't reply to us all, it's just lovely to hear from you. Keep smiling that lovely smile and Im sending lots of hugs to you. Love Jan xx

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Hello my dear Fred, I'm so sorry you are not at your best, wish there was something I could say or do to make things better, I'm putting my arms around you in a virtual hug and sending tons of love , one day at a time Smiler 😃 huff xxxx

Miss you and your smiles Fred. Hoping things improve for you. Lots of love and hugs. Carole xxx

Hello dear Fred, thank you so much for finding the energy to post a greeting.

You haven't been forgotten, nor Jimmy or Huggs, not fir a moment.

We guessed you must all be going through it & having a tough time.

Sending you the best of wishes to help carry you through.

Love, Peege xxxx

Hi Fred sorry to hear you're having a rough time

sending you my very best wishes.

Pat x

Fred sorry to read you are having such a rough time with all that is going on and hope that things start to brighten up for you, take care.

Hugs xx


It's really great to hear from you Fred. Sorry things are not so good and I pray that those scans and bloods come up with something a bit more positive for you.

My thoughts are with you and your little family Fred.

When my wedding ring fell of my ring finger, I put it on the bigger finger and when it fell off there, I resorted to my right hand where the knuckles are bigger but maybe you've tried all that.

Take care dear Fred.

Love Sara xx

Hi Fred, good to see you back on here, I have been wondering and worrying about you and how you are doing. Sorry to hear things are still not so good for you, I hope your test results are good and you start to improve really soon. Please look after yourself and pop on when you feel up to it.

Sending love and hugs,

Christine. XXX

Hi Fred

Good to see you posting. I really miss your stories and jokes. The site is not the same without "Our Fred ". Fingers crossed for you. Hope your results are good. Keep smiling Fred. It definitely helps. Picture in your mind, the Dr. giving you good results. I do believe it helps.

Love always

Rubyxx 😊 😊

Hi Fred great to see you it seems you are going through the mill with the treatment keep strong we are all hear for you Fred xx

Nice to hear from you Fred - just sorry your news isn't too good (always seems to be something else waiting in the wings to 'add insult to injury' isn't there). Hope things improve for you soon Fred. Take care. All best wishes x

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