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Today is ‪world COPD day‬ This is video CQC chosen on this day

Jim spoke to the British Lung Foundation about living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Do you have an 'invisible condition'? Are you happy with the care your receive?

Obv i think CQC & BLF could of of chosen a better video to raise awareness.

ITs bad enough DWP think we are all having a party WHEN in reallty we are not defo could chosen better nothing personal JIM but twice this year.

My own condition as nearly killed me threw infections and antibiotic resistance.

i think majorty of us lung diease suffers are not quite as active as jim or as lucky to beat the drum.

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I understand what you're saying, Daz. Jim does seem amazingly active and well for someone with severe copd. I particularly noticed ( and envied) how brusquely he could walk. On the other hand, he probably has times when he's much worse. But overall, I do agree with you, that as a copd awareness video it could lead people to believe that it's not a very serious illness.


Cheers yer thats why i posted it as its first thing i thought.

Am i surprised really CQC chosen that .. Not really given climate we are living in


Jim's video does show how good he was on that day only wish they'd done one of me today. OMG can't walk many paces even with my oxygen on and the list just gets longer. The DWP people would love to think Jim is the more accurate picture of COPD wouldn't they. But good luck to Jim.


I totally agree, Daz. No disrespect to Jim, but he is hardly typical of someone with severe COPD.


Totally agree D3, wish I was half as well as Jim, and I expect a lot of us do. As you say it doesn't portray what it's really like for a lot of us, therefore not raising awareness in the right way. Xx

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If only I could feel like that now instead of struggling with everyday things and feeling exhausted most of the time.

It must have been someone who is well who chose this not someone who knows what it feels like.

take care

polly xx

Hi Daz I understand where your coming from but what is important to us is exercise if I had not took up swimming I would of been on oxygen now.

I do agree that people with long term conditions like COPD should be awarded ESA & PIP without having to be assessed maybe BLF will support in a petition

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