Am living in Melbourne ,Australia.I can still get around..walking slowly is ok and I can get upstairs if I take it slowly and have rests which is important as I live on the third floor of an apartment building with no lift.My meds..candesartan(blood pressure),serentide,Spiriva,montelukast,avelesco,prednisolone and ventoline.

Was wondering if others wit similar FEV and FVC results are in similar physical state,better/worse?

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  • Difficult to compare stats as you don't give yours! I don't think it works that way anyway. Some on here continue working even though classed as stage 3 or 4 COPD and others have to give up at a much earlier stage. There are too many factors to consider a comparison and I think its better for each individual just to do the best they can. Its good that you are still managing stairs, something I can no longer do.

  • Hi

    In your position I would be looking towards the future, in respect of moving to ground floor accommodation .

    I am at present on first floor, rest at half way, my problem the stairs are open to the elements, so I either get wet or chance the full flight in one go, not a good idea.

    I am waiting for a suitable property to come available .

    There is probably other areas that you are ok now, but might struggle with in the future, it is good to look ahead and begin to make smaller changes as and when the opportunity arises.

    We have to think ahead in terms of access, and mobility although I walk as much as I can ( stage four) I also purchased a mobility schooter to use on longer excursion.

    You are not quite at that level yet, but as they say hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Be one step ahead of the game.

  • stone thank u for taking the time to reply and ur good advise.

  • Do take the scooter with you in a car as I have often wondered how difficult they are to get in and out of the car?


  • Hi

    I have a MPV fitted with a four way hoist.

    But the scooter like most transportables breaks down to five pieces ,

    The heaviest piece is 20kg some are lighter.

    Mine is a Sterling Little Star total weight 35kg.

  • go stone!

  • OK, thanks for the info.

  • Hello piping, I have started to ignore anything my GP surgery tell me as they never seem to get it right. If I asked for figures they would think I had gone mad and the only way I can get an answer is to ask "is it worse than last time" . They always say no so I assume I am the same. Not a very useful way to carry on but it helps. I have difficulty going up and down stairs but I have to do it because one of my cats (one came to me from Melbourne in April) will not eat downstairs. He is still pretty nervous so my only option is to go upstairs. I get a small feeling of satisfaction when I do manage but it takes a while. It won't help where you are living and maybe you should try and get a move. I don't take as many prescribed drugs as you do, but again maybe this is my surgery. I am just getting over a bout of flu and took only extra steroids to see if I could resist using an antibiotic and it seems to have worked - up to now, that is.

    I am coming to Melbourne at end of February for a couple of months as my daughter lives there. Maybe I could get in touch and we could meet up and have a good moan to each other. I hope you are okay and take care. Juney

  • Juney..couldn't think of anything nicer than catchin g up and letting off some steam!We can organize a meal at restaurant on ground level!People on this site have been wonderful.We must stay in touch and be really great to catch up in Feb.

  • Do you live in Victoria?

  • No coming over from UK.

  • Very much looking forward to seeing you. Will let you know when I arrive. In meantime keep in touch with this site. Take care.

  • Thanks Juney..look forward to your visit!

  • iv noticed that many of you guys on here see a specialist for your conditions . i have servere copd but have never seen a specialist only the nurse every few months or so .she does all the chest clinics at all the doctors localy so if needed cant be seen in between at our surgery so i have to see the gp who i think doesnt know a lot about copd i sometimes think i am hitting my head on a brick wall x

  • sorry the above was meant to be a new post but i somhow put it has a reply how do i delete x

  • Not a proplem.Not sure how to delete.

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