Hi all, not posted for a while but do get to read most of the posts on a daily basis although yesterdays posts did not come through until late and i am only reading them this morning. I also seem to miss out on some posts so maybe i need to change my settings to receive as sent not just on a daily basis.

Turmeric. Some time ago a friend of mine introduced me to Turmeric as an anti cancer herb. Tried it a few times but could not get used to the taste. I was reading an article recently about Turmeric, in short it has been used for centuries in India for many ailments, not just cancer and is known as a wonder herb. Two elements were of interest to me, anti inflammatory and pain relief.

For about 18 months i have suffered from swollen feet...supposedly linked to COPD. Some days my right foot would be so swollen i would struggle to get my right shoe on....i wear sandals. Also for about 2 months i have struggled with severe back pain getting up in the morning. The pain would be so bad that i could not sit up, in fact i would have to slide my body to the edge of the bed then slowly get my feet on the floor and then try to sit up. Some days my girlfriend would have to help me, the pain would be so bad.

So, 3 days ago i started adding half a teaspoon to my morning smoothie...dosage should be one teaspoon a day taken in 2 doses. I made extra juice today so will have another half teaspoon this afternoon.

The result after 3 days? The swelling in my feet has reduced by about 50% and this morning i was able to sit up and get out of bed like a normal person.

So if you have any aches, pains, swelling etc it's worth googling Turmeric. I am adding extra honey to my smoothie to mask the taste.


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  • Or you can get turmeric capsules from health food shops . Better still a plateful of curry .

  • It needs to be taken with freshly ground pepper for it to work properly, so it is easy to add to my fruit/veg smoothie.


  • I heard a doctor on the radio a few years ago say if he could only take one supplement it would be Turmeric. They claim it may even help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's but of course that has not been proven.

    I believe it has many beneficial effects throughout the body.

  • i heard that, too!

  • I use it and find that it really helps with all my aches and pains. X

  • Really pleased to read your post as I have just started taking Turmeric capsules as nothing else was helping my back pain and Osteoarthritis in my knees. It has only been a day since I started taking them but I do feel slightly less stiff this morning.

  • I've been taking Turmeric capsules (along with other supplements) since 11th August - have never been better but who knows 😊

  • It's helping me and after only 3 days, so more improvement to come.

    Do the capsules have black pepper added? I read that for Tumeric to work to full capacity it needs to be mixed with black pepper....can't remember why.



  • Bioavailbility = ability for the body to absorb it

  • Do the health food shop do this in tablet form, I have heard about this and as I have a lot of pain in my lower back would like to give it a try

  • Apparently it is available in health food shops in the UK in capsule form but don't know if black pepper has been added to it.


  • Thank you swerv I will look for them not sure I could take it in powder form

  • Mixed in a smoothy it is ok, you can also make a hot drink with it but can't remember what you need to add. Google it you will find loads of info.


  • Thank you

  • I live in America, and use a really reliable and inexpensive on-line company called "iherb.com. I don't know if they ship to the UK though.

  • Hi gemlady 12, i live in Thailand and can buy Turmeric in my local tesco, but will be checking out my local organic shop as i would like to try it in root form.


  • Thailand, interesting. Well, I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, Asheville, to be specific. I buy fresh tumeric from local whole foods markets. It has the same form and shape as fresh ginger root only it's deep orange inside (and it stains things, watch out!)

    I grate it just like ginger. Not sure of the difference in benefits, or if perhaps the powdered form is more concentrated and therefore more effective. I'll try to research this and you may want to do same. Keep us posted!

  • Hi Gemlady12,

    Fresh Turmeric is definitely better, just not found it here yet but i am fairly sure i will find it in our organic shop. I put ginger in my juicer so would do the same with the Turmeric root...if i can find it.


  • Hi swerve..I bought my tumeric root from " Fresh Direct".

    I received 12 nice roots,approximately 3 to 4 inches long each,for $ 2.99.

    They are online,so its a delivery service.They sell awesome fresh juices from N.Y.City as an example, and fresh brown eggs from local farms in NY. Fresh organic soups,I can go on and on.I like this store!!)

    They also have pick up service,II think Long Island,NY,but not sure because I utilize delivery

    So far this is my second day using the grated tumeric root.

    I have been cautious, and will up how much I put in my morning " tea" ,warm water,fresh lemon slice,and grated ginger and now tumeric.

    Gemlady cautioned wisely...it does stain!

    Hoping we all,if we use it,in whatever form,get rellief!

    Powder being concentrated makes sense,too!

    I was shopping and it was the first time seeing it available in root form,so I jumped on it!


  • Hi Dunk

    I am in Thailand so a long way from USA, but hoping to find it in my local organic shop, until then i will use the powdered version.


  • Hi Merv...wow,you are far away!

    But...the turmeric root you will find!

    Here in the US,it's hard to find stuff like the turmeric root!.

    I'd never saw one before...my D.I.Lneither.

    I think it boils down to what part of the US one is from.

    I am northeast, so we are not as good as we should be whole foods wise.I order what I can via the net,and have it delivered.

    Lots of take out and artificial foods sadly.

    In the south,and west coast,they are more into real food.It is finally catching up here,thankfully,and me finding tumeric root is proof!

    I don't know if it will help or not,in either form,but I am giving it a go.

    My diet is anti inflammatory as best as I can do it.

    I still have Inflammation though!

    You did inspire me to add it to my diet,and I am grateful you wrote about it.

    Hope you are well!dunkxx

  • Turmeric in powder form should be available in your local supermarket, definitely in an Asian store.


  • Capsule form is more easily absorbed.

  • Hi Merv

    Glad to hear the turmeric is helping you so much. We have had some really good posts about it. I used to have carpal tunnel of my wrist. Took turmeric and don't have the problem anymore. It's amazing stuff. Comparable to pain pills.

    Also tart cherry juice is good for pain and gout. Anyone wanting to try it, make sure it doesn't react with your medications. I'm pretty sure you can't use it if your on blood thinners.

    Good to hear replies of people that have used it.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • I was taking half and aspirin each day plus a statin, but it is recommended to stop taking these if you take Turmeric as it is a blood thinner and reduces cholesterol.


  • I get organic turmeric from a whole food shop and add around half a teaspoon to a smoothie around tea time each day with about 5 twists of the pepper grinder added. Been doing this for about a year now.

    I hadn't ever known the right dose so thanks for that Swerv, I'll have to double up. Do you know how much black pepper is needed to make the turmeric fully bio-available?

  • Ho o2 trees,

    Not sure how much black pepper, i just give about 5 twists same as you. But the dosage is 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. I do mornings and afternoons....amazing stuff but hate the taste, although the honey masks most of it.


  • Thanks Merv. I actually like the taste. Im off to put half a teaspoon in my porridge along with grated ginger root.

  • Very interested to read this. Think I will have a go - I suffer from swollen ankles amongst other age related conditions. Thanks. Anything to make me more mobile!!

  • Hi pergola,

    Swollen feet is one of the main reasons for trying it. My feet, especially the right one has been swollen for about 18 months. Dr, Has prescribed diuretics a couple of times but each time the medication finishes the swelling is back again within a couple of days.

    My girlfriend noticed today that my right foot, which has the worst swelling is about 50% better after just 3 days. I found today that i could put my shoes on without any problem.

    Just remember to add black pepper to it.

    But if you are taking aspirin or statins, stop them as Turmeric is a natural blood thinner and lowers cholesterol.


  • Thanks, Swerv - this is why this forum is good. We all help each other. I am on anticoags so might leave them off for the moment. With discretion !!!!

  • Be careful with ceasing statins. And let me say I'm not a fan - I get loads of side effects with statins, which is how I find out that not only do they reduce cholesterol but they are prescribed for people with stents because they also help prevent hardening of the arteries. So make an informed decision.

  • Turmeric is good for a lot of things,its well worth looking up

  • Thanks for the tip; I looked it up and got:


  • Hi..I am just starting to use turmeric myself.

    I grate fresh root into my morning warm lemon " tea",along with fresh ginger .

    I hope it works for me,too !

    Both roots is antiinflammatory... so I am giving it a go.

    I also drink fresh "greens" juice,reading it's also antiinflammatory.

    Fingers crossed!

    I have pain in my feet and hands/ fingers .My hands swell sometimes and turn red.Not my feet though...just " feel " swollen.

    Hope we both have success with these herbs Sounds like you already have...great!


  • For info & just in case: Swollen hands & feet is a common side effect with blood pressure tablets.. particularly amlodipine.

  • Tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory. I understand that it is more effective if you use black pepper along with it. It has a catalytic effect. I don't know the exact proportions of tumeric to pepper, but just wing it. I don't think you have to overdo the pepper. If you're unsure, please google it.

    I understand that tumeric isn't always absorbed too well. You can also buy a good quality supplement (with the black pepper in it) to further enhance its effect.

    Good luck.

  • Awhile back, my doctor said that turmeric helps with inflammation, so I started taking it in capsule form, I didn't notice a difference, but I think I wasn't taking enough.

    I may try it again.

  • Hi Beth

    You need to take Turmeric with freshly grounded pepper for it to work properly. I don't know if the capsule has pepper in it or not.


  • Hi, Merv, Glad to know you are feeling better. I didn't know that turmeric is regarded as a "wonder herb". I use it with rice-either steamed or boiled and I think it's delicious....even better now I know it could actually be doing me good! Thanks for letting us know. And may your health continue to improve.


  • Hi Dave

    It has many attributes, google it and you will be amazed what it can be used for.


  • Hi, i note your dosage is one tablespoon of turmeric plus 1/2 teaspoon black pepper yet the searches i have done is 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric with 1/4 teaspoon black pepper twice a day.


  • The problem with storing smoothies in a fridge for a period of time is that a smoothie starts losing it's potency within 20 minutes of making it and then slowly deteriorates over time. I make a large batch in the morning with enough for a glassful in the afternoon, anything not drunk is thrown away. If i have the time i might juice a carrot or an orange just to top up the potency in the afternoon drink.

    I add 1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper in the morning then the same in the afternoon.

    I note your reference to the bathroom after a large dose and 1 tablespoon would definitely do that as i believe 1 tablespoon is the equivalent of 3 teaspoons, so you are taking 12 times the recommended dose.

    I hope this helps.


  • Hi Kai, absolutely no problem. The more people who realise the medicinal benefits of Turmeric the better.

    Best Regards


  • About a year ago..7 months ago..? .. I started putting tumeric on my morning oatmeal. Not fond of the taste, either, but had no problem covering it up with enough cinnamon, nutmeg, some honey and fruit pieces!!

  • Hi willdo, if you make it into a paste it is much easier, plus it ensures you add the correct amount of black pepper to increase bioavailability. You can store it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and there is no after taste:



  • Hey, thanks, swerve! Didn't know that. ( That it should be mixed with black pepper for bio-availability). You mean, all this time I have been dealing with the taste on my oatmeal and not benefiting?? LOL!

  • Hi Willdo, you will have been having some benefit, but adding black pepper increases the bioavailability by 2,000%.

    If you use the recipe i gave you, you can keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. I take 1 teaspoon at a time and add to my smoothie, cannot taste it at all.


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