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So my Pulm released me as a patient today. I had emailed an update. I had mentioned I saw my PCP and that he recommended I use my Dulera which I had stopped. My Pulm said it was counterproductive to see "several" different physicians for the same problem, even though I only see him and my PCP. Mentioned he put me on Spiriva, even though I basically had to convince him to give me something, and that was after he just said use Albuterol, then I pointed out all the trapped air. I emailed back and asked him to reconsider, but maybe for the best. I got a hold of his last note and it was full of inaccuracies and quite short. He does not acknowledge the hyperinflation and how that may relate to dyspnea, let alone with exercise. It's like somehow it is in my head, or there is some other problem other than my lungs. How I wish that were the case. Seems a bit harsh to me. Like somehow I was going behind his back which is silly. What can you do.

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  • Hope you find a new pulm quickly - one who doesn't try to fob you off, patrickd

  • No mystery there Patrick. You had the audacity to challenge his authority and damaged his huge ego. You're far better without him.

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