Help required yet again !!

Hi everyone some of you may Rembrandt my posts asking for help on my horrendous mucus problem, although my breathing was quite good the heaving of copious amounts of mucus on a disabilitating daily basis was grinding me so low, after a visit to my lung consultant whereas I was more aggressive in asking for help on the mucus problem ' my doc tells me to stop at once taking uniphyllin and carbcystien capsules these I have been taking for around 4 years , that was weds it is now Monday eve, I am wheezing can hardly breath when I move so what is it , the mucus has lessened , after my morning hour of de mukeing it doesn't seem to happen again but I feel my chest is so tight , help...... Carol

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  • I can't understand stopping the Carbocysteine tablets because I understood that they thin mucus and make it easier to shift. But if your chest is still tight I would say you need to see a doc again. Do you see a consultant or have a respiratory nurse who could contact for help/advice?

  • Hi to I thanks for replying , it was my consultant that took me off both meds to try and reduce mucus, prior to coming off them my breathing wasn't too bad thanks Carol X

  • I'm in the same position right now Carole. For months I've been producing a lot of mucous but it's just getting out of control now. Like you, I am worn down with constant coughing fits. I'm not wheezing but gasping for breath at the slightest exertion. I started taking Klacid on Friday night and am praying it will kick in soon. Otherwise, I just don't know what to do. Perhaps the constant coughing over a long time has caused you to have bronchospasm. My doctor says carbocistiene is useless as well and won't prescribe it. I hope you have some relief soon.

  • Hi billie Jean, I know it's a horrible time, what is klacid, I think I have bronchospasms too, my ribs are killing me too, fed up at minute normally I have such a zest for life but struggling to find it at minute, thanks for replying , good luck with new med xx carol

  • Klacid is an antibiotic Carol, Clarithromycin. Today has been so awful and the breathlessnes and coughing so bad, I stayed in bed all day. Mostly because I thought I was going to have a heart attack on the stairs last night, and just couldn 't face it again today.The really infuriating thing is that for a short time it eases and I think it's clearing, then boom, it's back as frequently again. I've never before had a problem like this with mucous. It's unnatural the way it just keeps flowing and flowing, in huge quantities. I'm absolutely at the end of my tether. I'm sure you feel the same.

  • Hi billiejean, ah yes I have had those before when I've had an infection, it's a pity you can't read some of my old posts on the mucus because it sounds like your doing the same as me, I've been at it now for 3 years ! No one seems to know why I'm making so much mucus, I feel like it's all from the back of my nose and chest , when I'm free of infection it still happens it is the bane of my life, hope you get rid of the infection, message me if you need to compare notes gross subject I know but needs must, xx carol

  • Carole, if I thought I would be like this for a few years, I'd put my head in the oven. I think IV antibiotics is what I need and if it doesn't improve in the next day or two, I'll be contacting my consultant. I think it's some kind of superinfection that's followed on from the pseudamonas I've just had. I'll go and look at some of your old posts:)

  • Great I'd be pleased to know if yours is similar, I know what you mean about the head in oven !! Believe me some days I don't know how I keep smiling, maybe it's my young son who try's to look after me gees me on bless him xx

  • Hi Carol, I think you need to speak to someone about this. Could you phone NHS 24 maybe & ask for advice?

    If you can hardly breathe & your chest is so tight, you need urgent help.

    If it gets so bad, phone tonight

    I hope you get well soon 💐

  • Might be worth doing the huffing technique in the morning afternoon and evening to shift it before it causes you problems?

    Be Well

  • Thanks off cut , will do, I seem to be getting mini blockages all down bottom of lungs really scary xx carol

  • I know plus coughing fits in the middle of waitrose today and nearly being sick! They have just changed my inhaler to Fostair that i put in an Aerochamber and my breathing is much better and not as much mucus. Before the change karen my pulmonary advisor told me to use my ventolin in my Aerochamber when my chest was tight. Poor you, Carol, sorry i don't know what to advise. Both are the pits. Take good care and hope you feel a bit better soon.

  • Thanks jays ha, you too it is definitely the pits xxx

  • Yes do what jessy advised i did for my mum and they were very helpful. Get help as soon as if you get worse.

  • How are you carol. Went out earlier to my mum's just round the corner she is not so good today was diagnosed with ILD earlier in year so on oxygen 24/7. Good pair together with my copd!! I was a bit wheezy when i got home so staying in. The weather affects me does it you? Stay warm and i hope you don't get any worse if so phone the doctor.

  • Hi jaysha, me too I'm a prisoner in this kind of cold and wind so I won't be going very far, still struggling to breath properly and so much gunk !! I put a call into lung nurse at 9 am and still waiting for my call back at 4 30pm 😞 Ah the joys , thanks for thinking of me take care n keep warm too xx

  • You too. Just put heating up can feel it getting chilly so keep warm. Has the nurse rung back. Hope you have a better night. Night night.

  • Nite nite jaysha same here heating on pjs n feet up praying for a better nite, nurse didn't ring maybe tomorrow 😓 Xxx

  • Hi carol hope this finds you a bit better and you have heard from the nurse. My mum has taken a turn for the worse sadly with her ILD and age 82 the prognosis is not good and she is having more bad days than good. I am trying to stay positive but it is hard plus i am not reliable with my copd as you know. Going for a nice hot bath now and put my pjs on got a good book to read or dvd to watch. Mum is as comfy as poss and i am only round the corner. Night

  • Sorry to hear about your mum, I went thro same with my mum it's hard enough but the cops makes things a lot worse doesn't it, enjoy your relax time, nurse still not rung me back.... And so it goes on grrr they have no idea what it's really like some of them I don't feel ill fortunately just dragged down with all the Muke , keep warm luv Carol xx

  • Hi carol hope this finds you a bit better and the nurse finally got in touch. Mum not well at all very worrying told her to up her steroids fingers crossed she has an awful cough that poleaxes her. Bitterly cold so been staying in i do most of my shopping online and luckily am very central to the shops waitrose at the bottom of my road which is very handy. Stay warm and well.

  • I had a nasty phlegm rattle in the base of my throat and a physio asked if I'd got an "acapella" - a word I know as being "unaccompanied harmony singing"... Um!! So, no, I didn't have one of these. She gave me this "thingy" into which I blow; it rattles the chest, making it easier to cough up the gunge. Magic!!

  • PLEASE start uniphyllin again but not carbostine I started taking it & ended up in hospital after 4 days it felt like I had glue in my lungs . I haven't taken it since and I won't. Do you take seretide by any chance?

  • Hi kit, I have started to take the uniphyllin again a few days ago and my breathing seems to be getting better again, I just took one carb today oh my lord I've been wrenching mucus up nearly all day like glue as you said I feel dreadful !, but at least I can breath better, I take symbicort and si breeze , thanks for replying, do you have trouble with so much mucus ? Thanks Carol x

  • I have lots of mucus sometimes it's so thick it's hard to move. I find if I drink a bit more it makes it easier. I would never use carb again lm glad it seems to be helping you

  • Hi kit, I've stopped using carb again because the mucus was in abundance all day yesterday, what symptoms did you find you had , whilst you were taking it ? Are you on uniphyllin too , because I find this really helps with my breathing xx thanks carol

  • I had pneumonia in October & ended up in hospital for 8 days I seen a different doc and he put me on uniphyillin it seems to be working for me. I had never heard of it before

  • Hi kitt, yes the uniphyllin really seemed to work for me I've been on it a few years , what symptoms did you get when taking the carbs that made you stopy taking them, ?.x

  • After 3 days of taking carbosistine chest got tighter & tighter till I just couldn't breath. When the paramedics arrived said there was no in or out breath sounds it was really frightening. I will never take carb again

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