Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme

Call the undertaker ? I whent to yet another course today I have come back whith every bone that is not got some sort of pain but it was good the person who takes it is very good it may be me old age ???But the shortness of breath is getting a little bit better it just the weight I have put on half a stone in a month some thing I have got to work on I am stopping now even my fingers are killing me ED

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hi ed I was same when first did pr, came home with places aching that I didn't know I had lol. but it does get easier.


As Tam said, it gets easier and it really does you good. So grin and bear it. :)

Hi don't do more than you can will you. x


I'm on my last week and loved it! I'd love to keep going.

There's definitely a noticeable change.

Our Physio is very aware of individual capabilities and tweeted the exercises.

Have to say though I ached in bits otherwise undiscovered.

Keep going. Pace yourself though.

Ann โ˜บ

๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ (I wish)!!!

Sorry to hear about the aches and pains. I start my P R course tomorrow so definitely not looking forward to the exercises as I am disabled with back problems and take controlled drugs for the pain. Getting a bit worried now xx

Please do not worry they do not push you you just take your time it's just me not doing any exercises for years and I am just having a good old moan and all the pain is just old age ED

Thank you, that has eased my mind. I used to be very active until an accident nearly five years ago, am in constant pain and then there's the COPD! Old age certainly doesn't come its own ha! Xx

Hi. I agree Ed - you can feel the effects of PR if you do certain things you aren't used to but you will agree, it does help and if you can remember the exercises, it's good to keep them up at home too. My only concern was that at my group, some people were not too well with infections there and I caught one which has been stubbornly with me in varying degrees, up and down, since my PR in July! So, make sure you take good care of yourself during the group sessions! xxxx

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