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We are looking for two regular BLF community members from the Northwest of England to join us on Wednesday 25th November in Wigan for a half-day workshop (11.00am-2.30pm) where we will be discussing future support services by the British Lung Foundation. If you are able to spare some time and happy to share your experience of living the respiratory illness and what support works for you, please email for further details. Your travel costs will be covered and lunch will be provided.



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  • If I was nearer I would be up for that Mark.............. best pies in the country for lunch!!

  • Hi Mark....just hijacking your post to say thanks to HU for fixing the problem I had accessing this site through my I pad. All sorted now..thanks

  • Sorry I'm too far away. I attended a Day Workshop like this at Guys Hospital and it was informative and fun.

    Unlimited food, and drinks, non alcoholic.

    Good luck with it.


  • Hi Mark,

    I'm not sure I count - I do not have respiratory illness but have had lung cancer which was treated in 2014. I do not have the lung function problems that many on this site are afflicted by. I'd be happy to help if you think I qualify. Let me know.

  • Hi

    Can I have your name and email address and then I will ask the person organising the day to contact you - I think that as you use the web community and enjoy and benefit from the community that your insights will be useful.



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