Feeling miserable

On Saturday afternoon I can almost pinpoint the time when my cough started and muscles began to ache. Since a few friends and neighbours had been ill over the past few weeks, I knew that The flu virus had invaded my body.

Only three weeks ago I had my flu vacination, either it hasn't worked or this particular strain of virus was not known to researchers ( I doubt this).

I am aware that despite the flu jab, one can still succumb to a virus, albeit a weakened form. However, I can assure you that I have the full blown virus and feel totally miserable.

I have just recovered from a non related respiratory illness so I did not need this:(

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  • Oh you poor soul! What an unfortunate thing to happen.

    Having a respiratory illness is bad enough without having flu straight after.

    Maybe you should phone your GP in the morning & get advice since you have a lung condition.

    I wish you all the best & hope you recover soon 🌺

  • Thank you.

    I was at the lung clinic on Friday and was so pleased to be told I didn't need to come back for 6 months...what a difference a day makes.

    There is nothing Dr can do for a virus, I will just need to ride out the storm and hope no lasting symptoms remain.

  • Oh dear. Real flu is so awful, I feel for you. I think you should alert your gp and take your rescue abs

  • Thanks!

  • Oh dear,that is shame,hope you feel better soon.

    Thankfully I missed it,but others I know have had it too,besides having the vac.The Doctors here(OZ) have said the needle didn't cover the strain,we got hit with,as they mistakenly thought that strain wouldn't hit here,not sure if thats the same in the UK!

    Take care,

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • I think the same has happened in Europe. My 89 year old neighbour had it last week, it knocked the stuffings out of the old soul and like me she also had the vaccine.

  • How awful,89 years,that is so cruel,hope she's ok,poor love.

    Sounds as if the same thing has happened in the UK too.

    Take care xx

  • She's doing fine now, just a bit weakened by the virus. I feel terrible that I am not able to visit at the moment and take some soup. Hope to be on my feet soon, thanks everyone for the kind support.

  • Oh dear Granny, you must be feeling rough cos your usually such a positive person. Sending a hug and hoping you feel better soon. xx

  • So sorry to hear your sick with the flu.

    I got my flu jab last Mon. My daughters boyfriend , has been sick for a week now. He lives with us. He has very bad headache and sore throat. Don't know if that's the flu. Are you seriously saying the flu jab isn't working this yr. Thats what happened last year! What a waste.

    Their also saying if you take Statins, it doesn't work. If you had it 3 wks ago, it should be working. Feel better.😊

    Thinking of you😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Definitely not the flu Rubyred, he'd know all about it if it was!

  • When a real flu virus hits you, you can almost pin point the time it started, joints and muscles ache and most people suffer from a high temperature which in turn can cause headaches.

    I feel like I have been hit by a bulldozer, my ribs hurt with every cough, my nose is running like a burn and it is such an effort to do simple things like boiling the kettle. It doesn't sound like your daughter's boyfriend has a flu virus, perhaps a throat infection?

  • Absolute sympathy and best get well wishes. 'flu' is the one thing which truly terrifies me - it might be best to see your Dr to check your chest is holding up OK?

  • Seen Dr today, at this stage there is nothing to do apart from increase the dose of my steroid inhaler, continue with nebulised saline to prevent my tubes from clogging up and keep them moist and take paracetamol. At the first sign of bacterial infection, I have to phone for an antibiotic.

    So nothing new, already doing these things with the addition of a wee tody:)

  • Oh I really feel for you. Just the thought of it makes me shudder. Enjoy the hit toddies - you deserve them!

  • Can you ring your doctor and get Tamiflu? It was a lifesaver for me when I had the flu in February. Proper flu is horrific. The speed it comes on you is scary. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Is there a particular criteria for obtaining Tamiflu, I have never heard of anyone outside the intensive care unit being prescribed this?

    Thank you for the good wishes.

  • I thought it was prescribed when you were confirmed with flu? However, I was in a maternity hospital when I came down with it (2 days post delivery) and with my lung history they gave it to me. It is amazing stuff. If you have a pre existing condition do you not think they'd give it to you?

  • I was given it with swine flu but not other types of flu. Not sure why...

  • Expensive!

  • Dr never mentioned it today and I am very high risk with multiple organ disease. Perhaps there is not enough left in the budget to give tamiflu to people like me? Heaven forgive me for thinking like this but it might be more cost effective for healthcare services not to give it to high risk patients similar to me?

  • I don't know what way they work things in the UK (I assume you're UK), but I'd scream and shout if I had to to get the drugs!

  • Tamiflu is given within 2 days of symptom onset which rules many patients out who contract viruses at the weekend or have a delay in getting a GP appointment. For me its too late. Actually, I had forgotten about tamiflu until you brought it to my attention. However, I will investigate further to find out if I would be a suitable candidate in the future, thanks.

  • Hope you can recover quickly because you have had the jab. Wishing you well Granny 56. xx

  • If Wendells is correct in saying that this particular strain might not be included in the current commercially produced vaccine, then there will be no weakened form of the virus for me. In this case my flu jab will be useless and the virus will run its course. Vigilance is the key to early detection of more serious knock on effects, something difficult to do when you feel rotten.

  • Many viruses out there at the moment so hope everyone can stay as well as possible. Get well soon Granny56. xxxx

  • Feeling much better today although wheezing like a pressure cooker building up steam. Unfortunately, this is a downside for those with respiratory disease, the virus comes and goes but the after effects can be lasting and debilitating. Avoiding crowded areas can reduce the chances of contracting a virus but in reality, especially at this time of the year, this is hard to do. I wouldn't wish this virus on my worst enemy, its really brutal.

    Thank you for all the good wishes, care and concern, this forum is really a great tool for communicating with those who are ill. The kindness of well wishers gave me a boost, especially from those on the other side of the world who were awake when my support system were asleep. Many people will not be fortunate to have the support of others, so kind words, advice and information might be more powerfull than we think.

  • Oh bless you. Hope you get better soon.

    Love and hugs



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