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What's the % when you have to go on to oxygen I,am sure they have made a big mistake with my tests last week I walked over 300 meters with the oxygen monitor and my oxygen levels never dropped below 97% it only took me a 5 minutes to walk that far not even out of breath and then I had to blow in to the tube and the result she said my lungs was only working at 80% I don't think she read the machine

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80% capacity is amazingly good! The oxygenation of your blood also seems excellent. It is usually considered appropriate to consider medicinal oxygen if the blood oxygen saturation regularly drops below 90.


Wow thank you for your reply that's made my day every time they see me my oxygen levels have been 97% never been below that but I was worried when I was breathing into that little tube I was hiting the noise it makes and then they said it was reading lungs at only 80% but like I say I think it was wrong that's why I,am going on to the big machine where you can only breath few your mouth not your noise and your on the machine for half a hours or so that's going to give me a better reading I hope

Have you seen this before?

Stage I Mild COPD FEV1≥ 80% normal

Stage II Moderate COPD FEV1 50-79% normal

Stage III Severe COPD FEV1 30-49% normal

Stage IV Very Severe COPD FEV1 <30% normal, or <50% normal with chronic respiratory failure present*

This should reassure you that a reading of 80% or more is good as someone is considered to have mild COPD if their reading is over 79%.


Though the pulse oximeter actually measures the saturation of oxygen in your blood, the results are often used as an estimate of blood oxygen levels. Normal pulse oximeter readings range from 95 to 100 percent, under most circumstances. Values under 90 percent are considered low. Just been reading this so hopefully I,am ok

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Sorry, I have just noticed the title of your post. I have no experience of pulmonary fibrosis but hopefully someone who has will be along soon.

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That's ok please don't worrie

My lung fev was only 14% but what the Hell, I am still breathing, eating and even walking a little. I try not too get too hung up on numbers.

Take care



That's the way to go to hell with it only trouble is I,am only 57 I need need to live to over 100 lol


Hi I have pulmonary fibrosis and went on to ambulance oxygen in June but unfortunally have got worse so now on 24hr oxygen my readings are 86at rest but when l try to do things they are at 71so l am hoping that the new oxygen regime will improve things


Hi I was told by my nurse several years ago that the criteria for copd had recently changed. When I was diagnosed it was as very mild and my FEV1 was 73%, but the levels had changed and now 80% to 90% is called copd - mild. Between 90 and 100% is a variation of the norm. So now I just come under the moderate stage at 75%. This is why I say I am mild/mod. I don't know about the levels for others lung diseases though. x

Wow champ you are a inspiration to us all who have PF may I ask how old you are do you smoke or drink and how long have you had PF ??

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The two tests are measuring totally different functions of your Breathing/Lung functions. The Oximeter is measuring how much Oxygen is circulating in your blood and I would say this is the most important of the two. To walk that far and not get breathless and not have levels that drop below 97% are completely normal and as they should be.

The other test where you are blowing is measuring how strong you are at, well........blowing far as I know. So measures how much air you can blow out in one forceful blow. The figures quoted by Toci I am sure will be very accurate. I don't know too much about FEV results.

I have Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonitis so it is the Oxygen levels in the blood or Oximeter results which are more important for my condition. I check these levels regularly as I am on Oxygen and just want to make sure I am on the correct flow rates for each activity.

To me it would appear that your levels are almost normal. You could do some deep breathing exercises to increase your ability to expel air when you blow forcefully. These levels can be increased sometime depending on what your underlying condition it.

I think this information is accurate but I am not sure so I hope someone else will come along and put me right if I am wrong.

Keep Smiling or in my case Keep Twinkling.

Hugs and Love to you all from

Twinkling Star Xxx

Thank you for your reply Twinkling Star I have walk 1.4 miles today and burned over 200 calories so I think I,am on the right track the first level was right 97% but blowing out it was a bit down I think I have made a appointment to see my doctor in the next few weeks to get to no what all my numbers mean to me plus I,am waiting for the hospital to send me appointment for the big lung machine which I have done quite a few times now I have started to do more excise now but I need to no how to do deep breathing exercises has well to get my lungs up to a level where I will be ok on the machine ..

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