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COPD osteoporosis and very bad balance

I've not posted on here for a while but I have been lurking in the background.

As the title of the thread suggests I have moderate COPD alongside osteoporosis and extremely bad balance. I understand that weight bearing exercise is recommended for both the COPD and osteoporosis BUT because of the bad balance I have broken my ankle twice in the last 6 months!!

Basically I'm at a loss on what to do for the best! I quit smoking 16 months ago which has left me 3+ stones overweight too!!

I have so much wrong and I'm only 43 but I really feel like giving up!!

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hi you can do what they call chair exercises and get same benefit, theres lots videos on youtube.


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Plz Don't give up winnietyson, I know things can become difficult, even painful,which is hard to take day in day out, it's a horrid cycle to be in, but tams right about chair exercising every little helps, little and often, plz don't feel alone were all here to help if we can. take care xx Sonia xx


Well done for giving up smoking! That's the hardest bit over with. You can exercise sitting down - check out youtube for COPD exercises. And, welcome to the site.



Dont give up!

I have Bronchiectasis and Osteoporosis, although my balance isn't too bad.

I go to BLF exercises and it really helps.

In our session we have a lady in a wheelchair and exercise is always tapered to your specific needs. Its nice to meet others in the same boat and we have a laugh! As has been said there are also lots of exercises on YouTube.

I try to consentrate on what I can do.

Please let us know how your doing.

or have a moan!

Ann ☺

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