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Thankyou to those of you who replied to my WHEEZE WHEEZE WHEEZE post a few days ago.

I saw the Dr yesterday and its a chest infection so I start on Antibiotics today. (1st chest infection since being diagnosed with COPD This June)

I'm out atm and its our 1st real cold morning this winter, I've got a thick warm scarf wrapped around my mouth, but boy I wasn't prepared for this, it's taking my breath away.

But we've been so lucky weather-wise this year, for that I'm very thankful!!

I wish you all a good day 😊

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Perhaps its time to talk to your doctor about having a written plan and keeping antibiotics and/or steroids at home to take whenever an infection is starting. Most of us do this (its called a rescue pack) to ensure an infection is clobbered straight away.

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Oh Thankyou for that info Toci I didn't know IT was possible to do that, I've got another appointment with him in Dec so I can discuss it then xx


Yes it is what the nurse call a self management were the reception print out a prescription for antibiotics and steroids and keep at home when ever you use them just phone the surgery again and they print out again without needing to go to the doctor ever time I have been on my management plan for over 4 years and only ever go to doctors if need be and is not very often


Yes, it's a good way forward as you can hit an illness immediately and it has the side bonus of avoiding other sick people at the surgery!


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