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The neb will be delivered soon, and though I will be given a demonstration, as will hubby, I wondered how\when you use it? Is it for when you start to feel tight chested? Is it something you use just when you need it or regularly. We were advised by the COPD nurse that its for when things get bad, take steroids, use neb, then oxygen. Is it easy to use? Just wondering...



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Hi sorry for the late response, and ur nebuliser is probably with u with full instructions on how and when to use it. Hope all goes well, but we are all here if u ever need us. Take care xx Sonia xx


Hi Steph, I'm not much help to you as I only ever use a nebuliser if I have an infection.

My GP likes me to use it with Ventolin ampules alongside abs. Definitely helps the tightness in my chest.

Hope you get on ok with it 🌹

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my consultant wanted me to try it with ventolin twice a day I did for couple of weeks but couldn't see point in using it if breathing wasn't to bad so now just use it when breathing isn't to good and when having an excasabation told copd nurse what I was doing and she said that's fine ,


Yes, that's my strategy too.


Hi froze and mmzetor....I only use mine when my breathing is really bad....I am aware if it is getting much worse it's time to ask for extra help from the GP or A and E.

I know some people have to use theirs on a regular basis, but mine is a back up really....but I always monitor my breathing and get help if needed.

Take care


I use my neb when I feel really tight and inhaler not making a difference.

Usually works well and I only need to use a few times while tight or wheezy.

I also use to give myself saline if chest dry, but I think it is a very personal thing as each person will know when they need to use their neb, I used to go to GP to use the one there but got so stressed before I got there that I was much worse by the time I was connected to Neb.

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Thanks everybody, that's made things a bit clearer. I think this will help hubby through his "moments" as he calls them. Not infections, just a tightness of chest and breathing getting hard. He said last night he was feeling rough again, (we had to get to the hospital the day before to have his ear syringed - managed to get him there and back OK, but it was a lot a day or so after his difficult night on Monday) so I think he was struggling yesterday because the journey took it out of him. Anyhoo, he had 50 mins of oxygen and his head was clearer after that. Will have to see how he is this morning. Thanks.



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Hi Steph,whenI first had my nebuliser I used it four times a day.That was three years ago.With a good diet and exercise I hardly need it at all now.I only use it now if I,m beginning to panic and think I might need a blue light bus.We are all different so listen to what your doctor says,it might be harmful if you use it when it,s not needed.One six minute session usually relaxes me enough to calm down but I have had a few double ups.When I can calm down and really think about all that going to A+E will entail I go into breathing exercise mode.My nebuliser has helped me stay out of hospital so hope it helps you too,good luck.D.

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Hi Steph,

I use my nebuliser in two ways, in the morning and about 7 in the evening I use it for Ventolin nebules before I use a saline nebules to help bring up the nasty stuff hanging around in the lower part of my lungs. I also use it if my rescue inhaler does not help in aiding me to breath more easily, you know those days when you feel that you are wearing badly fitting welly boots while wading through thick custard or what has happened to me on several occasions when coming into contact with a damp doggie, a perfume counter, the fake smell of baking bread in the air conditioning at supermarkets or oh the list goes on and on and on.

I have to admit I would feel lost without my machine and brought myself a portable one so that I face those doggies and supermarkets with a nonchalant air.

Take care.



Thanks people, much appreciated. Neb arrived and we now know how to use it. Five mins with it and hubby was feeling a bit better than he had all day. Part of me is still quite frightened by this reduction and worseness of his condition, and wondering how long this will go on for. I know this is pretty mean, but...its hard peeps for the carers as well.


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